Sunday, 15 January 2012

Kiwi Pops

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Fantastic idea from
We are still buried under two rooms worth of 'stuff' but are hopeful that today we will have completed the change around by tonight. Can you hear the hysterical laughing as I type that..coming from both of us! I'm fairly sure the nervous twitch will be making an appearance soon too. lol.

As you know I have been exploring and I found this dessert idea on there. It was such a simple idea that it was one of those..."Oh my why haven't I thought of that before?..." But I'm glad I have found it and I will be trying it out at the next 'gathering'. I'm fairly certain it's dairy milk chocolate used in this version but I will be trying mine with vegan dark chocolate of course. It's a fantastic dessert website with good recipes that can be veganised. So thanks to for sharing the wonderful photo and the idea...

OK back to the room tranformations...Happy Sunday folks...and thanks for sticking with me through the 'rest' this last week.