Saturday, 14 January 2012

The rooms they are a changing....

Sanity Play List: Abba ~ Gold Album (to keep us

Yup..that's where we are at! lol
As with all good started off with such a simple idea...and then turned into chaos. lol. I am on light duties but not back in the kitchen until tomorrow..hopefully. So we decided that this weekend we would get a 'quick' job done around the house. We are in effect swapping two of our main downstairs rooms around. My workroom and our dining room...I use my workroom everyday..and the dining room some of the time. So My Love suggested we swap the two around so I could have a little more space for all my writing and stuff. And I agreed as long as we could extent the dining table fully in the other room..and it did! Excellent!

So yesterday we started to make the move...and really we worked long into the night..we both collasped into bed and when we got up this morning we really couldn't tell that we have done anything. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh! I'm sure when it's all finished we will collaspe in a heap and look at the two new rooms and love it. I will personally be happier when 'my things' are back together in one room and not feel so...well..unsettled. And the new dining room is looking spendid and we shall definitely use it more.

Once more into the breach my hopefully there will be less hair pulling

Hope you are having a great weekend? What are you doing?