Friday, 27 January 2012

Challenge Lists ~ Knitting

Yesterday I blogged about making some lists to keep myself sane. lol. And on these lists I have set myself some small challenges that I can start now and keep at, for the rest of the year. No matter what state my health is in or how much pain I'm in at the time. Sadly until the results of the upcoming op come to fruition..I have to make allowances for this condition to be part of my life...Anyway...

One of the first challenges I have set myself, is to...knit something. did read that correctly. Hey! Knitting is very Rock and Roll now..don't ya know? ;o) lol

Challenge 1 ~ Knit a blanket.
Some talented people out there may laugh at this challenge and think "..That's not a challenge!.." However, if you had seen my past results you would be gasping in horror! lol I have always had the skill to knit as my Mum taught me as a small child. My Mum is one those lucky people that knitting and crocheting comes easily. She can do both without watching what she's doing, read any pattern and make up her own and still produce beautiful things. Lucky her, eh?

Me? Well I can cast on...when I have searched my memory for how to do it. Once I get started I can produce a lovely set of fresh new stitches on my knitting needle. Fancy, eh? lol And I can master the knit stitch...and that's about it. I used to be able to do a pearl stitch..and even do one of each to produce a lovely product. But that skill has disappeared into the memory vault and doesn't seem to want to come out. And ask me to read a pattern...sorry...I wish you could hear how much I was laughing as I typed that word. I have never been good with's like a whole new language to me. Like learning Italian..I want to be able to do it..but somehow it's eluded me so I can knit a very fetching scarf..multi coloured and all! But that is as far as my skill in knitting goes.

So the challenge is to knit a square each day (or more if I'm on rest dammit ) with the aim of making a large blanket for our bedroom by next winter. The colours I'm hoping to use are cream, deep red and deep purple. Hopefully in a couple of months when I've brushed up my very basic skills I will then ask my Mum for a refresher course and hopefully when she has finished laughing at my request...she will teach me how to read a pattern and then produce something other than 'knit stitch' squares and scarves. lol.

So challenge one from my list decided. I am escaping the house this afternoon for a couple of hours to go in search of some wool. Then I will have the fun job of asking My Love to retrieve my 'knitting bag' from the depths of the storage room. That will be fun! lol.

Hope you are having a fantastic Friday folks...Kitchen Day Sunday...48 hours...not that I am