Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Tri Pepper Dressing

This is a very late Mystery Ingredient Challenge recipe. I apologise for its lateness but due to illness and a hectic schedule (believe me that is a rarity! lol) I ran behind on all kitchen stuff.

Tri Pepper Dressing

My mystery ingredient last Wednesday was the very pretty Pink Peppercorns. They should be in your spice rack if only for the fact that they look great there. lol. I love pepper and use it a lot but oddly had not used the Pink kind before. So when I was given my mystery ingredient, I set about looking for inspiration to create a new recipe. But then I found the perfect recipe already created by Susan V of FatFreeVegan.com so I printed off the recipe and my mind was set that I would try her recipe. Then I got sick...

Are they not pretty?? lol
It was whilst I was reading Susan's blog for this recipe that I learnt they aren't peppercorns but seeds? But they sure do pack a kick like a peppercorn. lol. I finally got around to trying the recipe out last night and I had to sub Chia seed for Flax seed but other than that I stuck to the recipe. 


For the recipe click on the link above and I suggest you read the entire blog as Susan has included some other salad dressings that look great and I intend on trying.

As good a close up as I could get folks...but it doesn't do it justice! 

The results was a really good dressing. It was easy to put together and I made it the night before I needed it. There was a little shock on my part when I came to use it today as it had separated a lot...so much so I jumped on to Susan's site and asked if I had messed it up but was reassured that it does do that. But I confess by that point I had shaken it up and used it on my lunch time salad. It was thinner than my usual dressings...but delicious and I will be making it again. Once again...thanks Susan V...and if you like pepper...please try this dressing.