Monday, 4 April 2011

Gadgets - Veined Sunflower, Gerberra and Daisy Plunger Cutter

I make a lot of cupcakes and cakes for friends and family for birthdays and celebrations. And the next one coming up is my own. This year I wanted to make up a new cupcake recipe for the occasion and then decorate them with gerberras. Recently I made a birthday cake for a much loved niece and that cake was covered in large daisies. But they didn't need the definition that I would want for the cupcakes. 

On a recent trip to The Range (a very good craft type shop in the UK) I was looking around the new cake decoration section and found a range of 'cutters' that were being used for cake decoration. Marvelous! Why hadn't I thought about these before??? And sure enough, in a corner of the stand, hiding behind some stars cutters were the Veined Sunflower, Gerberra & Daisy Plunger Cutters. Fantastic! Until I lifted it off the stand and checked the price on the back and both My Love and I gulped at the ridiculous price tag...£9.99!! I have never paid such a silly price for any of my cutters and never I put it back and accepted that I would be hand cutting the gerberras for my cupcakes. Many hours of work but it would be worth it in the end, I thought!! lol 

We had reason to be in The Range again very recently looking for seeds (they have a small garden section too!) and as we weren't in a rush we strolled around looking at everything. We walked down the cake aisle and it had been moved around and sure enough the cutters were still there but a sign hung next to it saying £3.00! So now I have one lol. £6.99 off...bargain! And many hours of work saved...and much swearing! Ahem! lol. 

PME Arts and Crafts -Veined Sunflower, Gerberra & Daisy Cutter

The width of the cutter is 7 cm so you get quite a sizable flower. On the back of the packaging you are given clear and precise instructions on how to use the cutter.

I can't make it any simpler than to say this could be used by a two year old and they would get amazing flowers from it! lol. And the time it will save, when making the flowers for cakes in the future, make this cutter worth while. The attention to detail from the 'veining' is lovely. And the handy hints and tips are really useful too.

I will update this blog with photos of the cupcakes when I've made them...