Monday, 18 April 2011

Cook Book Junkie - Vegan Deli by Joanne Stepaniak

A sample salad platter...
This cookbook has been a joy since the moment I tore open the packaging and sat down and read it through from cover to cover. I have tried out almost all of the recipes and have enjoyed all of them...except the 'chopped liver' spread. I recently celebrated my birthday and as my oven has been acting up and the weather had finally begun to feel like spring, I put together a salad table. And almost all of the recipes were from this one cookbook. Above is a sampler of some of the salads I made for the day. Everyone who came commented on how much they were loving the food and came back for 2nd's. 3rd's. 4th's,5th' see where I am going with this? lol. This cookbook has never let me down and is a comfort to know it's sat there on my cookbook shelf for those 'deli' days. 

If you love the 'deli' shops but are struggling with affording the ridiculous prices they now charge then invest in this cookbook and make your own. It's worth every single penny I paid for it and Joanne Stepanick is a genius. 

I will be posting salad recipes quite regularly and many will be ones I served on my birthday...Treat yourself and go and buy Vegan Deliby Joanne Stepaniak