Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Gadgets ~ Rocket Ice Lolly Moulds and Umbrella Ice Lolly Moulds

I have very fond memories from my earlier childhood of running around on hot summer days and then being called into the house by my Mum and being given an ice lolly from the freezer. The flavours were usually lemon, orange or tropical fruit. The moulds were from Tupperware as my Mum was once a rep for them. I loved these lollies and they were always so refreshing. I remember with great excitement one summer when a blackcurrant batch came out of the freezer and me and my cousins M & H fought to be in the front of the line. lol. Ah memories...

I'm going to start a section of this blog and devote it solely to this wonderful homemade treat. As the number of my nephew and nieces and friends children expand I am shocked and stunned by how expensive the store bought ices are. And the preservatives in them are awful. And My Love and I enjoy an iced treat every now and then too. So I am going to start creating healthier ices which will have all the flavour and less of the junk. I hope you try them out. 

As part of our wedding presents we were given a voucher for a store that we rarely use but was very surprised when we found a set of Rocket lolly moulds. So they were purchased and sat along side the ice cream maker we bought with the same voucher. The store bought 'Rocket' lollies are one of our favourites to this day so we had to buy these moulds.

Rocket Ice Lolly Moulds
 I was very lucky to be given a voucher from a friend for my birthday for Argos. And as I thumbed through the catalogue I found the most lovely set of Umbrella Ice Lolly Moulds. And as I have a collection of Umbrellas and the idea for the 'Lolly' section had already formed in my mind I took it as a sign that I should purhcase them. So I did..and they make me smile..

 Sometimes you just have to have things around that make the everyday reality a little lighter and these definitely make me smile. These Umbrella moulds can be bought from Argos for £4.99. 

So I shall be making lollies with many differing ingredients and I hope as the weather heats up you will try them yourself. I have tried a test run on both moulds with just water and that worked very well so I am confident they will work well in the future. 

So look out for the Yummy Ice Lollies label in the future and I hope you enjoy!  ~Red~