Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Product Review: Redwood Cheezly Soy Free Cheeze

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Now my taste for cheese left me a long time I haven't missed the whole cheese based culture. And although I do use the soy based cheezes if a recipe calls for it..I have never been able to make the leap to eating the soy based cheezes as a stand alone product. So there has been no pineapple and cubes of cheese on a stick for me for years. lol. However I have been curious about the sudden influx of 'Artisan Vegan Cheeze' recipes that have been showing up everywhere but I'm not a in a position to actually get in the kitchen and start experiementing with them myself.

On a recent trip to our favourite wholefood shop Grain, I spotted at the back of the soy cheese shelf of their coolers...a sneaky little packet of cheese by Redwoods. Now I use their range for the very little cheeze cooking I do, so curiosity got the better of me and I pulled it out to have a quick look at the ingredients etc.

To be honest it looks like a block of Red Leicester and it boasts that it's Palm Oil Free, Gluten Free and Vegan. But something wasn't really settling with me that day so I shrugged it off and thought "Hmmmm maybe next time..." So I stocked up on my usual White Cheddar Cheeze and Pepperjack Style Cheezes and moved on.

On a more recent visit I found myself cruising the yoghurt section and noticed that they had a huge stash of this new cheeze on the next shelf. So grabbed one and stashed it in my basket and thought "What the hell...why not?"

The first occasion we had to use it was when ML was about to make some basic cheeze sauce to go with pasta and broccoli and then went to the fridge to find it was the only cheeze there. So the packet got ripped open and ML got to work. And I have to say it melted very easily and formed into a sauce very easily. The taste is mild but then usually we use the Pepperjack for this purpose and it is spicy. lol. But it went well in the pasta dish. The next use was with a veggie burger in a bun and I was wowed by how good it was. And have even enjoyed it as a stand alone ingredient in a sandwich..something I haven't had in years. 

It's like a mild cheddar taste...melts very well and fits in with all cheeze needed recipes. Aside from the Pepperjack soy cheeze I have pretty much stopped using all others and use this one now. And yes it even works well cubed with pineapple! lol. Well I had to try, no? lol

If you get the chance to try some...I couldn't recommend it more. It's great.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your week is going well?