Monday, 22 July 2013

Food Product Review: Nak'd Banana Crunch Bars

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We are fans of the Nak'd Bar range in this HQ...and was fascinated by the new offerings. Now to me it was a little funny that they have created a 'crunchy' range because I find that I get that crunch from them anyway. But I decided to take one for the team and try Life's hard isn't it? 

I am the first one to admit that I only like fresh banana food products and one of my pet peeves is fake banana anything. So it seemed only right that the Banana Crunch would be the one for me to 'test'. 

First thing I do is always check the ingredients...even if they state they are vegan etc. And to be honest this is just me being a pain in the ass..because Nak'd bars are always clearly marked but old habits eh? And yes this bar was vegan and gluten free..woo! Twofer! And I also wrongly assumed that the crunch would be provided by dried banana chips. No..apparently it's a soy mix that gives it a crunchy texture. Interesting...

So the first thing that always hits you when eating a Nak'd Bar is the smell as you open its wrapping and the pungent smell of banana is almost me! (see above...) but after a few seconds it dissipates and you are holding the familiar, ever so slightly sticky dried fruits bar. I took a smallish bite and waited for the uncomfortable (OMG my teeth!!!!) crunch. But that isn't what happened at all...firstly the banana flavour is good..not processed at all...and the crunch is more, smushed rice crispiesesque and not chunk of nut style. It's a very enjoyable bar...

Now will they be a common snack for me..probably not..but no less so then the rest of the range. I like them in my stocks to take out and about for snacks and I enjoy the cocoa ones at a certain time of the month..ahem!..(sorry but I will have them in the mix. It is a nice creation and I look forward to trying the other three 'crunchy' versions...Apple, Strawberry and Cocoa.

Keep up the creating Nak'd Bar folks...your snacks rock.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your day is going well?