Friday, 19 July 2013

Little Ones Tales: Trip to the Seaside

Rocket & Roses HQ Play List:

Natalie Merchant ~ I May Know The Word
Anna Nalick ~ Broken Doll
Dean Martin ~ All Of Me
Thunder ~ A Lover, Not A Friend
Joan Jett ~ You Got A Problem
Janiva Magness ~ Don't Let Your Memories
Sting ft Annie Lennox ~ We'll Be Together
Sheryl Crow ~ My Favourite Mistake
Guns N' Roses ~ Word Up
Evanescence ~ Call Me When You Are Sober
Edie Brickell ~ Good Times
Muse ~ Feeling Good
Joan Jett ~ Bad Time
Melissa Etheridge ~ This Moment

Last week England finally started having a So instead of a family day spent at home we loaded up the cars and headed off for a day by the sea. The skies were blue...the weather balmy hot and everyone was in great moods. The drive up the coastal route was one filled with laughter and games...we had little ones M and N with us. After a tiny bit of essential shopping we finally arrived at our destination of Hornsea.

We decided against a picnic on the beach and everyone except me tucked into the traditional seaside fayre of Fish and Chips. Yuck! I opted for Tomato Panini and after we had enjoyed our lunches we left the shade of the café and headed across to the sea. Now I was expecting it to be heaving with people but we found parking easily and the beach wasn't even half filled. Marvellous! Whilst the little ones finished their dessert ice creams we stood taking in the view until they had finished.  

L was a little taken aback..."Wow Auntie R..that is a BIG pool!"
All ready with her brand new bucket and spade. lol.
The Hornsea beach isn't that has plenty of pebbles and shells so the little ones had great fun building beach art on the sand.

N building large pebble sculptures...and M in the
striped shorts digging a hole..laid back styley. lol
ML, my sister, her fiancé and the little ones all had fun down at the water...and L had a great time jumping over the waves with ML. lol Whilst everyone played on the beach I took the time to relax and watch them...but mainly taking in the healing vibes I get from being near the water.

I think the little ones have definitely been bitten by the beach bug...and was happily planning the next trip there. lol.

My view from our base camp..
Look at that blue sky...for those of you lucky enough to see blue skies every day this won't be half as amazing as it was for us. lol.

Gratuitous beach shot...still quite spacious at this point..
by the time we left there wasn't much space left.
The little ones are still on the hunt for magic stones and pebbles that will help make me them. N is the main magic finder and was very excited when she found this stone that had "...incredible magic Auntie R because it has your Red in it!..." I loved it...and loved her...and she was very proud of herself.

Its a shame that you can't see just beautiful the vivid red running through
this stone.
N stood watching me as I looked at it...and then impatiently asked..."..well do you feel the magic???.."  The look of hope on her face made me gulp and so I nodded and she walked back to her beach art looking very happy with herself. Little ones, eh? Get ya everytime. lol.

I loved the pattern in this stone and thought it looked like some 
Blood Splatter Art I had seen recently.
So after a few hours on the beach...four very tired grown ups led three very excited and beach buzzing little ones back to the cars and we all set off on the journey back home. This time we just had M in the back and we played a counting game...and he managed to get to 50 before he crashed out..ain't sea air a great thing. lol

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Friday has been a great one...