Monday, 29 October 2012

Taste Sensation..Nak'd Rhubarb & Custard Bars..GF & Vegan...Yes vegan!

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I am constantly on a search for tasty and healthy snacks. It's too easy to slip and start snacking on the bad kind, right? lol. So I always like to have little snack size packs of unsalted nuts of all varieties to hand. I enjoy fresh fruit but can't eat too that leaves me pretty limited. I haven't found a crisp/chip alternative that I like yet. I will one day try the Kale Chips...I think I have about 10 different recipes for them, sat waiting to be reviewed. lol. I also hope to try the courgette/zucchini chip recipes too. Until then I just have to steer clear of the crisp/chip snacks. (OK I am laughing as I type that...I do cave in sometimes..anyway..) I am human...

A couple of years ago my friend Dev (recent guest host) introduced me to the beautiful little bars that are made by the Natural Balance Food company. These lovely bars are called Nak'd Bars. When I first tried one...I was wow'd by the taste. Dev, ML and I divided up a Cashew Nut Bar and a Cocoa Delight Bar and enjoyed every single mouthful. lol. And from that day...I have been hopelessly addicted. The fact they are GF and Vegan just makes them almost perfect. lol. Here is a link to the their site and some blurb...
Nākd bars and snacks are a great way to eat nutritious, healthy food without compromising on taste! Our snack bars are made from yummy natural ingredients such as fruits and nuts which are smooshed together for you into a handy bar. Wheat and dairy free, with no added sugars or hidden extras. Get Nākd today!

Now I have tried all of the varieties and my favourites are Cocoa Orange, Cocoa Delight and the Cashew Nut Bars. I like the others but love those

I find the cocoa ones really help at..erm..certain times of the month..when I would kill someone for some chocolate. Ahem! And I can eat one and not worry about hidden nasties. I try to have one in my bag when I am away from the house for emergency snacking lol. Such a moment happened yesterday...we were out taking the four legged fella to check out his new holiday digs...which was successful..a mutual love fest happened. lol. And we were also picking up little one M's birthday present...Lego Star Wars something geeky...*rolls eyes*

I was feeling a little grim around lunchtime so skipped the meal entirely but then found myself feeling flaky after leaving the toy store. I sat in the car and tried to work out where I could grab a quick snack...when in front of my eyes appeared a Pink Nak'd bar. I looked at ML intrigued and then read the label to see Rhubarb and I handed it back...and said Nah not vegan...custard eh? I was given the bar back and had it pointed out that the bar was indeed vegan. I think it took me two seconds to rip into that Rhubarb and Custard is one of my all time favourite taste combinations. Was I giddy or what???? lol.

Look!!! Isn't she beautiful??? Not the pink...but everything
The smell as you open the wrapper is glorious. Rich vanilla custard and the tart rhubarb lifted my senses and made me smile like the child that used to enjoy my Nans rhubarb and custard (Oh and banana custard) puddings. I bit into the bar and almost shivered with happiness as it tasted completely divine. The bar was the perfect size as it's intense and richly flavoured. To be honest there just aren't adequate words to describe the experience. This one jumps to the top of my favourite list. I strongly urge you to try this bar soon....

Thank you for stopping by and I hope your Monday is a great one....