Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A Classic Never Gets Old: 5 Beans on Toast

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On a recent visit my lovely sister told me about one of the main tinned food companies new product..a 5 Bean Baked Beans. Now I love the humble meal that is beans on toast so I knew that I would be trying a tin very soon. And the next day ML came home with

A Healthy & Hearty 5 Beans on Wholemeal Toast
ML made this humble dish as a Brunch for me...took some eating but it was good. I enjoyed it but as with this particular brand, I find the sauce way too rich. My preferred choice is usually the home brand 'low salt, low sugar' variety. Because of the richness of the sauce you lose the ability to taste the different beans. I shall be trying out the homemade version soon and will share my results. lol. As a quick 5-minutes was good and can't think why it hasn't been thought of before. This can easily made GF if served with GF bread.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Wednesday is a good one...