Thursday, 25 October 2012

Art a la Mum: Hydrangea 2012

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Joe Nichols ~ Brokenheartsville
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Janet Jackson ~ Together Again
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Rob Thomas ~ Falling To Pieces
Heart ~ Back To Avalon
Tim McGraw ~ Where The Green Grass Grows
All Saints ~ Bootie Call

Regular readers will know that I love art and often share with you art that has had some effect on me. One of my favourite artists is my Mum...some of my first memories are filled with watching her sat with her large pad..busily sketching away...whilst I was supposed to be falling asleep on the bed next to her. lol. We shared a room at the time so my bedroom walls were covered in her drawings. Oh and my Fonz Back then she stayed with pencil drawings and pottery. Its only since her retirement that she has experimented with all the mediums that she always wanted to try.

This piece came about because the Hydrangea bush in her garden was far and beyond the most beautiful bloom in her garden this year. And she wanted to record it's vibrant colour.

Hydrangea 2012 by J.C.Lawtey 2012 ©
Safe to say that Mum loves the colour pink so it wasn't a huge shock when her favourite bloom was this intense shade of I think the colours all pop and work well together. Her art tutor loved it...and for once my Mum believed what we were all saying about her work..and she quite proud of this About I hope you enjoy it too...

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Thursday is a good one...