Saturday, 20 October 2012

Flowers: Halloween Flowers...but what is it?...

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I escaped the house yesterday for a few hours...much needed hours. I was suffering a real case of cabin fever and bitch stir craziness. I needed out of this bad. In fact I really can't put adequately into words,  just how much I needed

So when ML came home from work...drove me nuts..put oil in the car and finished answering work emails..we got in the car and headed out. Now I really didn't care where we went as long as it was out of the house. As it was Friday night and everywhere was going to be busy we kept it simple and just did the simple things shopping. lol. Yep..exciting eh? But to me it was

I took my time in the fresh fruits and veggies aisles and spent ages in the World food aisles checking out all the potential ingredients. I even salivated over the new styles of boots in the winter collections...although I would never buy any of them because they are so not vegan but the heeled boots call out to me every time...demon siren boots. lol.

However, it was this little beauty that caught my eye...walking through the plant and salad aisle (I I was drawn to this stand of Halloween plants.

Halloween Plant..helpful, eh? lol. Any ideas???
I was captivated by the deep orange colour and the unusual petals...but when we looked for a plant was being sold as Halloween Plant. O...K! Thanks for helping. So..I any of your know what this little beauty is called any other time of the It really was a thing of beauty.

Oh...ok..ok..I give in...but please remember these aren't vegan..and I only admired them from afar. But as you have been asking so is a sneaky photo of the demon heeled boots...

Beware: Demon Siren Boots!!!!!
Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Saturday is a splendid one...