Friday, 5 October 2012

An Abundance of Green Veggies and Smiles

Rocket & Roses HQ Play List:

Kylie Minogue ~ 2 Hearts
Arrested Development ~ Everyday People
Springsteen ~ Thunder Road
Shelby Lynne ~ Iced Tea
Bowes & Morley ~ Freakshow
Nickelback ~ Hollywood
Anna Nalick ~ Kiss Them For Me
The Mamas & The Papas ~ Words of Love
Natalie Cole ~ I'm Glad There Is You
The xx ~ Angels
Maroon 5 ~ Shiver
Enrique/Kellis ~ I'm Not In Love
Sensible Pets ~ Know What I Like
Thunder ~ Retribution

It was a very happy and excited moment in the R & R HQ last night. ML had called a supermarket on the route home to pick up some pumpkins for me. And was astounded to find a new and improved revamped fresh veg section. Very US styley with an abundance of unpackaged veggies with the cool water steamers keeping them delicious and vibrant. So stunned was ML that photos were taken to show me upon arrival at home. Along with two large bags of the veggies.

You may wonder why we were so is a simple fact that the area that we live in England has the very basic of veggies on offer. And the only time we had anything remotely exciting was when ML was pre-Sali Syndrome diagnosis and was still able to work a veg garden. So to find three types of Chard...yes THREE!...three types of loose Kale..yes..THREE...Kholrabi...three types of Radish...yes THREE...four types of Aubergine/Eggplant..yes FOUR! Stripey Beetroots...and so on. So very Look I don't get out much these days so bear with me please? lol.

3 types of Chard. So happy am I, that this is now my
desktop photo! lol
I love Chard...and have three recipes that I have picked out to use this awesomely coloured leafy in. I shall be getting assistance from my kid brother who is currently residing with us at R & R HQ as I'm really not up to cooking right now but this would be worth the So I shall be posting them over the next few days.

3 types of Kale. Green, Purple and Nero types.
Now the kale that has been available around here until yesterday..has been the pre cut, pre washed and shoved in a plastic bag type. So it's dried out, tasteless and just dismal. But when it's the only type on offer, you make do, right? I now have Green...Purple and Nero (my personal favourite) to work with this weekend. And once again I shall share the results and recipes with you folks.

A Graffiti Aubergine nestled between an Onion Squash
and a Harlequin Squash on the left.
I have a passion for pumpkin and squashes in general. I love it when the shops start to sell the many varieties. I like them best roasted and stuffed with spicy lentil fillings. I enjoy them in soup too. They make me happy...and I can't wait to use these two for some recipes that I have in my mind.

Graffiti Aubergines...well..I have never seen one up close and personal before. I have heard tales of them existing...and now I have one! Hurrah. And although I fully expect it to taste the same as regular still won't stop me from the Oooh & Aaah moments when I first cut into it. lol. I know..small things eh? lol

Look! It's so very beautiful.
I could weep. lol
To be honest I am not going to mention the name of the supermarket because they get enough press as it is. But if any of you folks in GB want to know which one it's the one with the Market Street of fresh produce. I feel we'll be shopping here more

OK so this bouncy happy vegan is going to go and have a coffee and a catch up with my pal D..and the lovely new four legged family member to their household..Ella....who is enchanting.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing this happy mad moment..and I hope you are having a great Friday.