Monday, 15 October 2012

Remembering to Breathe..

Rocket & Roses Sanity Play List:

Beth Hart ~ iPod play list (all 89 songs..)

Although I would proudly have this isn't mine.
So therefore take no credit for it and want to thank the
lucky who has it. And the person who did it! ~R~
Well the six months are up..and this week I am back at the hospital to see what happens now. So I may be away for a few days depending on the outcome. Hopefully I will be back Wednesday with good news to share around. How lovely that would be eh? And once again thank you to all the loyal readers who come back everyday to read my ramblings. It is very much appreciated...always. With all of that in my mind..this tattoo summed up my mind this afternoon...I need to believe this is going to get better. My most used mantra is the one above and I shall be repeating it over and over...and over again until this week is over. And it's just a beautifully designed tattoo I thought...

The most awesome rock chick has been one of my sanity play lists so far...Beth Hart
And this performance of Whole Lotta Love is superb..enjoy..x

Thanks for stopping by and staying loyal...I hope your Monday has been an easy one and your week ahead an adventure.