Monday, 8 October 2012

Live Music: Nickelback supported by Daughtry, Sheffield Arena 7/10/12

Rocket & Roses Car Play List:

The Pretty Reckless ~ Light Me Up Album (on the way there)
Bree Sharp ~ Cheap and Evil Girl Album (on the way back)

You know..turning 40 hasn't been half as bad, as I thought it might be. Last night I enjoyed the last event. some six months after my It seems like five minutes ago I was having my party and toasting my 40th. It's been a tough six months when all said and done but there have been many good things happen too. One of those things was the gig I attended at Sheffield Arena. ML had bought me tickets to see Nickelback as my main gift.

Now I know there are a lot of Nickelback haters out there. I do not care for their opinion and I am happy to shout from the rooftops that I am a huge fan of their work. I have all their albums and I quite simply love them. I can legitimately say I shout it from the rooftops as they are my choice of shower music everyday...and I do shout sing aloud with them. lol.

I have to confess that I hadn't heard of the support act Daughtry but quickly crammed via You And was looking forward to seeing them..and I wasn't disappointed either. The man can sing..and they can put on a show. I enjoyed every single tune and am looking forward to adding their albums to my iPod.

After the obligatory wait for stage changes and tune ups...Nickelback exploded onto the stage with This Means War...and the light show and screens wowed everyone too. I was in They were amazing...they played all of my favourite I sang and screamed until I lost my voice...I totally sapped out to two tunes and shed a tear or two...ahem. But mostly...I laughed..and it felt so good. In between the tunes Chad and Ryan were like a comedy duo and so funny. And I confess at one point I was a little confused when an all out 'watergun' fight started on stage..apparently shooting out t-shirts into the crowd. lol.

Now I am not tech savvy so I wasn't one of the many filming the gig on my phone. But I had a look on YouTube and these are couple of the best clips from last night. I was

Sheffield Arena ~ We Stand Together

I thought the screens were a great sight and the imagery was excellent. Really was something else.

Sheffield Arena ~ Gotta Be Somebody
This was a crowd pleaser and yes, they did play Rockstar and How You Remind Me..which was great but for me it was all about the other tunes...because there is far more to Nickelback than those two hits. I got to the end of the gig and I was exhausted, hurting but ready for a great encore...and I wasn't disappointed. I had hoped that they would play Burn It To The Ground..and that was the final tune and it had the enter arena up on their feet dancing...including this rock was worth every second of the pain I am feeling today. So happy very happy.

And I am rather happy with my surprise keepsake for the splendid Nickelback Here & Now Tour 'Bottoms Up' Bottle Opener keyring. lol. Perfect.

Never know when you'll need Excellent!
So today I am a little sore...but I don't regret a single moment of it. I loved every single second of the gig. So thank you so much for the gift ML...I had a blast.

Thanks for stopping by and I'm back in the kitchen again recipes are coming. lol. I hope your Monday has been a painless one...filled with smiles...