Thursday, 26 July 2012

Wish I Was Here...Sunset Beach..

Rocket & Roses HQ Play List:

Bing Crosby ~ Temptation
Thunder ~ It's All About You
The Zutons ~ Dirty Rat
Billie Holiday ~ You Let Me Down
Stevie Ray Vaughn ~ The House Is A Rockin'
The Eagles ~ Last Good Time in Town
Barclay James Harvest ~ Happy Old World
Nickelback ~ Far Away
Audioslave ~ Drown Me Slowly
Rod Stewart ~ Stay With Me
Nickelback ~ Photograph
K.D Lang ~ Trail of Broken Hearts
Thunder ~ Out of My Head
Gwen Stefani ~ Harajuku Girls

The view from my window is grey is England, eh? It's kinda warm in a fresh way. It's one of the Meh weather days and inside the house it's a quiet day too. I was stupid enough to have a fall getting out of the shower this morning too...which has left me in a lot little pain. I know..I am only 40 not 90!! lol But it is, what it

So...once again I am sat in my chair in the lounge..looking out at the grey skies..and wishing I was somewhere else. Not in a whinging way...I accept my lot. But wouldn't it be nice to sat somewhere else, dealing with all this stuff. And there really is only one place that comes to mind to the beach, waves or sea. I don't mean the mass packed tourist type beaches where there is no room to breathe. I mean the quiet..little known about coves that can be found. Where you can set up and just feel all your muscles unwind...stress flow out of your body..and your mind finally finding some peace... That's the type of beach for me.

Heaven would be here...
Sat around a fire pit on the beach watching the waves...just looking at this photo makes me feel peaceful...

If it was a breezy day a little beach tent like this
would be perfect..
To be laid in the shelter of this beach tent, catching up on all the books I have sitting waiting to be read..what is not to like about that? lol

A very simple truth....
I've always found the sea and water it's a place that I crave to be.

Taking a stroll...watching the sunset
Staying at the beach for as long as I could would be blissful..taking a gentle stroll along the beach watching the sun setting over the water would lol (And not in the Mills & Boon sense of 'walking on the beach'..Yuck! lol) Stretching the legs to a beautiful view.

Moon over the beach....Perfect end..
You would probably have to drag me from the beach at the end of the Kicking and Watching the moon take up it's majestic place in the sky..warmed by the pit fire..caressed by the breeze...soft sand underneath me...I could sit and meditate and just breathe...

...and of course with a cooler filled with fine vegan fare and cool drinks for the day....a beachy play list on the Pod...what a great day that would be?? You're welcome to join

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Thursday has been a good one...


NB: The images on this posting are not my therefore I take no credit for their creation. Images were found on Pinterest. If you know whose work they are please let me know and I will be happy to give credit where it's due. But total thanks to whomever they are..they have made me smile a lot...~Red~