Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Cups from Cuba!

Rocket & Roses HQ Play List:

The Gossip ~ Coal to Diamonds
The Pretenders ~ Thin Line Between Love & Hate
U2 ~ Dancing Barefoot
Easton Corbin ~ A Lot To Learn About Living
Chris Cornell ~ Safe and Sound
Stevie Nicks ~ Rooms on Fire
Dixie Chicks ~ Let Er' Rip
Doris Day ~ A Little Dream of Me
PCD ~ Sway
Sarah Washington ~ I Will Always Love You
Guns N' Roses ~ Patience
Tina Moore ~ Never Gonna Let You Go
Clare Teal ~ Change Partners
Whitesnake ~ Is This Love?

Firstly can I say a heartfelt thanks to all of you for staying with me of late. It's been a very rough couple of weeks with pain and stuff..so just simply thanks. And can I say your response to Trustworthy's posting on Friday has been so good that a regular Trustworthy posting is being sorted out. But I will keep you posted on this..

Our weekend has been a very busy one as it was our very good friends D & B's Civil Partnership celebration weekend. And it was a very beautiful one...filled with friends, family, smiles, tears and laughter. Oh and over 100 cupcakes..lol Vanilla topped with fresh Raspberries...and Uber Chocolate ones with an tree engraving style topping with their initials caved into them like on a tree. lol. It was a beautiful weekend sadly marred by pain for me...but I held out as long as I could before admitting defeat..just as the wine was being opened..dang! lol. Anyway....

So one of our friends F was staying with us overnight and it had been some time since we'd seen her so it was good to catch up. And she has been on her travels since we saw her last. And she had missed my 40th Birthday party due to feeling dreadful after a 2 weeks travelling around Cuba....she was missed but we understood. And as so much has happened since my birthday I had completely forgotten about it..lol (forgotten..or chosen to forget???Could be either..lol ;-) ) So when handed a bag of pressies from her, late yesterday afternoon, I was a little stunned. Wrapped up inside was 3 books by one of my favourite authors...Wehoo!! Not 1 but 3..how lucky I am? Then a bottle of Blueberry Gin (homemade) was unwrapped...Yum! Got drunk from smelling it..lol Marvellous. Then at the bottom of the bag was two more wrapped gifts...and as I pulled them out I was told they were all the way from Cuba. How exciting..and from the way they were wrapped I had no idea what they were..lol

So I ripped carefully unwrapped the first one..which was a small wooden stand that in my jewellery making mind thought would be great for hanging bracelets on...and when I expressed this to F..she said "...erm Yes..if that's what you want to use it for..." I could almost feel the 'strange woman' thought coming from her mind..lol. Then I reached for the last package..and it felt heavy..and I shook it..nothing..so ripped carefully unwrapped the outer layer of paper and found two tightly wrapped packages inside..the tension was killing me..so I placed one down and then tore into the second one..and inside was three little espresso cups...OMG! Was I happy...huge stupid grin spread across my face...pain was temporarily forgotten as I gazed at these little pieces of Cuban heaven..and I hastily unwrapped the second package and three more sat looking up at me...(I have mentioned I'm a tea cup and espresso cup set collector, haven't I? Huh? lol) Then a second later it dawned on my...not a bracelet tree...but a cup tree and then reverted back to being 4 and played around hanging them on the tree...lol. Little things, eh?

So my friend goes to Cuba and all she brings me back
are these...FREAKING LOVELY Espresso Cups and tree.
lol..Well I had to? No? lol
I know I shouldn't have favourites..but I do in this case...I love all of them but it was the green and blacks ones that made me smile the most. lol.

Just lovely...
See it's not really hard to make me smile..lol. And the fact that during F's holiday she saw these and thought of my up coming landmark birthday and bought them for me...meant a lot. The tale of the actual buying of them was really very funny..as she tried to find someone to translate that she wanted one of each colour instead of a set of one. lol. And they survived the airports and the journey home. And they will be added to my collection and enjoyed daily. Thank you very, very much lovely one!..(that's F by the way..lol)

All hanging and looking great..

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Tuesday is being kind to you and is scattered with smiles and happy moments...