Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Art a La Mum: Copenhagen Little Mermaid

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Today's post is based around another one of my lovely and talented Mum's pieces of artwork. This time the medium was Pen & Ink work and the subject the Little Mermaid bronze in Copenhagen. ML has been to Copenhagen a couple of times through work. Last time, Mum asked for a postcards from ML's work travels, so ML brought back a mermaid one from that trip.

Mum came round for her usual Monday evening visit last night and handed me this lovely pen & ink drawing of the famous mermaid.

Little Mermaid by J.C.Lawtey
I love the colour my Mum chose for this piece.  And I really enjoy the detailing.

Close up on the lovely mermaid...
Below is a photograph of the real version and I read up on the Mermaid when I decided to do this posting. I was shocked by the things that had been done to this statue in the name of politics..in fact it disgusted me.

Little Mermaid Copenhagen
To read about the charming Little Mermaid for yourself..please click here...it's a very interesting read. However if you want to read about what has really happened to her over the years click here...I know it's Wiki lol.

A postcard version..but not the one Mum worked from..

We are having good temperatures today and blue skies..so I am off to enjoy some of it...lol Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Tuesday is a fantastic one....