Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Sorry..what was the time? Oh what a lovely Pocket Watch!

Rocket & Roses HQ Play List:

James Morrison ~ Better Man
INXS ~ The Strangest Party
Soul II Soul ~ Back To Life
Caro Emerald ~ A Night Like This
Daniel Varsano ~ Satie: Gnossiennes- 4: Lent
Aerosmith ~ Cryin'
Adele ~ Rumour Has It
Michael Gray ~ The Weekend/Juan Magan & DJ Puku Soundsfm Remix
Shakira ~ Objection (Tango)
Heart ~ Surrender to Me
Anastasia ~ Make For Lovin You
Eurythmics ~ Who's That Girl?
Shakira ~ Octavo Dia
Temple of the Dog ~ Call Me a Dog

My Great, Great Uncle T was a very splendid man and he introduced me to my first pocket watch. And there sprung my love for watches and pocket watches. I have never been precious about the cost of the watch..so get very tired of people boasting about their expensive new watch. It's not the cost of the watch or pocket watch that matters to me..it's the feel of it..the look of it..the artwork. Some of my favourites in my collection are £5 specials from a supermarket..lol. Truly!

I was in my workroom briefly this morning and my pocket watch hangs on one of my inspiration boards and it sparked an idea for today's blog. So I searched online for some splendid examples of this form of artwork...the pocket watch. I hope you enjoy them..but I realise this posting will be completely lost on some of you lovely readers. I ask that you bear with me a little longer as there is the possibility of new...yes..new..food postings..very soon.

Let's get started..eh? lol

Nixon HighBall Black (?) Pocket Watch
I love the simplicity of the design of this pocket watch. My preference would always be for silver, white gold and platinum...or stainless steel. lol. The clean lines really appeal to me.

This one is very like my own..perfect for me
My own pocket watch was bought for the simple reason..I fell in love with it. Yes..I really did. And it inspired me for one of my stories...so it was a twofer lol.

Retro Silver Sector Pocket Watch
I crave this pocket watch. I look at this and I smile. (I know..little things eh? Anyway..) I like the different shape from the normal pocket watches. It's awesome..can you tell I like this one..?

Skeleton Bronze Horoscope Pocket Watch
I also like the slightly different ones too..but not the tacky ones. This enamel horoscope cover is very impressive...well to me..anyway. lol.

Mechanical Pocket Watch..but Oh so beautiful..
Yep..it's fancy isn't it..but I love it....

This one I found..and wanted to touch immediately..lol. It has that whole tangible appeal to me.

Modern and sleek...
Awesome..there are no other words...lol

Steampunk pocket watch
Ahhhhh a vampire pocket watch..how lovely...I love the whole Steampunk thing...lol

Pocket Watch Tattoo..No 1 lol
(Well I had to, no?)
It would not be a posting of mine without some tattoo designs in it..eh? lol. I love the aged, cracked glass covering of this pocket watch.

Pocket Watch No 2..
Although I don't like gold or brass I do like this design...although would have the pocket watch and chain a different colour myself. I love tattoo blossoms so the two together are good for me..lol.

Pocket Watch Tattoo No 3...
What a message? I like the placement of this tattoo..the design and the great message...

Heaven?? Bikes and pocket watches combined? I think so...
I was so smiley when I found this little beauty...motorbikes and pocket watches...sheesh..a whole load of happy in one little picture..lol.

So thank you for stopping by and indulging my pocket watches fascination. And I hope you have a great Tuesday...