Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Convenience: The Food Doctor Wholesome Pots

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I really don't like convenience food..my body can't take the salt, fat and sugar hidden in the products. The only 'fast' food I really use on a regular basis is dried pasta. I prefer and my body prefers fresh vegetables and fruits...freshly made breads and the like. You get my point eh? lol. But that would be in an ideal situation and as you know ML and I are in a tricky spot right now. I haven't been in my kitchen for longer than I can actually remember now...but I will be back in there very soon..or I may break something...*nervous twitch*..lol.

Such is ML's illness, kitchen duties are very low on the list of priorities. So a lot of our foods lately have been cobbled together from the wholefood convenience aisle. Not great but better than take out right? And one day when cruising said aisle..we found The Food Doctor Wholesome Pot range. Now some of the Food Doctor products can be very nice...some god awful...so I was a little torn as to whether to try this. They looked very much like a noodle based pot you can buy (which I hate with a passion..yuck!!!) and they were really very expensive. But we were wanting to go camping at some point and thought they were worth a try because they would be excellent for that purpose if no other.

Image is not my own..taken from the net..I take no credit for it.
Thank you to whoever took it..~R~

Here is some marketing blurb about the pots:

Wholesome Instant Pots

Just add boiling water to enjoy. Delicious and healthy instant meal satisfaction, with none of the guilt or negative health implications. A tasty selection of instant meal pots with all the convenience and flavour you could wish for.

Our pots received a highly commended award in the Lunch exhibition 2011 Innovators Challenge for innovation in the food industry.

At last! Truly innovative instant meals in a pot - designed from all natural dehydrated pulses, grains, herbs, spices and vegetables. All you have to do is just add boiling water, stir and wait for a few minutes for a truly healthy, delicious and nutritious snack. Perfect for late nights at your desk, post-exercise or away from home. Full of fibre and protein, and just like all Food Doctor products, our Wholesome Pots deliver a slower release of energy, sustained over longer periods.

The pots come in three award winning flavours:

Bulgar Wheat and Quinoa with Asparagus, Leek & Mint

Bulgar Wheat and Quinoa with Tomato, Black Olive & Basil

Cous Cous and Lentil with Tomatoes, Red Pepper & Cumin

I personally like all three..my least favourite being the Asparagus, Leek & Mint one..but only for the reason that the leek can be a little overpowering which really is a shame as I love the mintiness. lol. I sometimes have one for breakfast (yes but please remember I am a savoury breakfast lover..lol) when ill health and time dictates a speedy option. But as a store cupboard essential they work really well. And we will most definitely be taking a stock of them camping with us..just add water and go...perfect. lol.

Now they have come down in price since we first saw them and if I'm honest we stock up on them when they are being sold as a twofer. lol. Obviously they aren't as cheap as making your own homemade bowl of bulgar/cous cous, quinoa, lentils and veggies. And as a comparison they don't even come close to the real thing..which would always be my preference. But put simply...as a very quick 'not full of junk' convenience food...they are good. And I will have a pot of each in my store cupboard from now on...

Thanks for stopping by...and I hope your Tuesday is a very excellent one....