Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Why Complicate Life..and other stuff...

Rocket & Roses HQ Play List:

Xtina ~ Walk Away
Crowded House ~ Mean to Me
Brandi Carlile ~ Looking Out
John Denver ~ My Sweet Lady
Bon Jovi ~ Bed of Roses
The Zutons ~ Confusion
Skin ~ Back Door Man
Nicola Benedetti ~ Schubert: Ave Maria
Robert Palmer ~ I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
Frank Sinatra ~ You Don't Remind Me
Thunder ~ I Love You More Than Rock n Roll
PCD ~ Wait A Minute
Audioslave ~ Jewel of the Summertime
Tina Dico ~ Warm Sand

I know, I know, I know...it's another Poster/Quote post today. I can almost hear the collective sighs..lol. Please forgive me? lol But this one is necessary as we are very busy this afternoon and so I am pushed for time. So when my sister shared this on her Facebook I loved it and knew in that second that I wanted to share it with you folks. It's worth it...I promise..lol

Good..isn't it? Ah go on..admit it..lol
My creativity seems to be taking a bit of a break right now which is frustrating to say the least. I know it's the side effects of feeling so Yuck..usually I can channel it into my work but this last couple of weeks...nada..zip..zilch..zero..productivity. I'm hoping it isn't a permanent thing..I have had periods like this before and it's always come back. So I am hopeful as ever..

I know that you are awaiting a food posting and I thank you all for your patience. I have been making quite a board of vegan fare on my Pinterest page. But they are other peoples recipes..so if you wanna check out that board for some great ideas and recipes please click here..For The Love Of Vegan Food On here you will find at least 399 recipes..from healthy to devilish and back again...but please remember to come back to my humble blog soon..lol.

And other news is well..music really..today I got tickets to see a band who I followed 20 years ago...Yikes!!!..and always promised my kid brother we would go see them together if they ever reformed after splitting 18 years ago. (OMG!!! Feeling so ancient right now..lol) And they did/have..for the Download festival last month...and are now doing a one time only tour in December and we got tickets to go to the wonderful Nottingham Rock City venue. They are the Little Angels and they are touring with another very excellent rock band Skin. So here are links to a very excellent song for each of these great British rock bands...

Little Angels ~ Womankind A great ballad selected by my kid brother for the blog today.

Skin ~ House of Love A fabulously raunchy rock song that I have danced to many times..lol.

Can't tell you how happy I am to be going to this gig..and my brother has promised no matter what I am going..even in a hospital bed! lol. But I am hopeful that I will be feeling a lot better come December..besides I have Nickelback in October to go to first..lol. (We are hoping to fit in the Leeds LA/Skin gig too...money permitting..lol) It's always good to have tickets...isn't it? lol

Right then...busy busy...lol Thank you for stopping by and please remember to come back..lol. I hope your Tuesday is being kind to you...