Friday, 6 July 2012

Fantasy Friday: Rainy Day at the Log Cabin

Log Cabin Play List:

Hall & Oats ~ She's Gone
Catherine Zeta Jones ~ I Move On
The Cure ~ Lovesong
Evanescence ~ My Immortal
Enrique Iglesias ~ Somebody's Me
Natalie Imbruglia ~ Torn
Heart ~ Stranded
George Michael ~ Cowboys & Angels
Sammy Davis Jr ~ Too Close for Comfort
Roy Orbison ~ How Do You Start Over Again?
James Morrison ~ This Boy
Bonnie Raitt ~ Love Sneakin' Up On You
Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band ~ Dark Side of Love
Elvis ~ Love Me

Blimey is it raining here? lol. We are on flood alerts too..always a drag. Buckets at the ready....

So today's posting is all about the rain factor. When I looked outside at the downpour I was reminded of one of the holidays that I shared with ML and it was also our first time taking the Sock Stealer away with us...that was an We rented a small log cabin in Penrith at the Lake District. And to say it was rustic is an was a little bit of a shock that first night..but after the first cup of coffee the next morning we both fell in love with the little wooden shack. It stood at the end of three others of the same kind...and across from a large pond so it was a feasting ground for bugs...marvelous! lol. There was a family or compound of squirrels to keep us company and they made friends with the Sock Stealer straight away..and he enjoyed running about with the cheeky little critters. We also had no mobile coverage so were completely cut off from the outside world..and after the first few hours of walking around the area trying to find a signal...we gave up..and found it to be quite lovely.

On the whole we had good weather and explored the area every day and some great walks were had and my favourite memory from this holiday was after a very exhausting walk we climbed down a rough piece of ground to find the most beautiful rock pool and we decided this was a great place to have our lunch and we camped out on a couple of rocks whilst the Sock Stealer cooled his paws in the water. It was a blissful moment. And no I do not remember what the place was called..such a I would love to go back one day.

We did have one really wet day and I enjoyed that day as much as any other because we just stayed home and put on some good music, played scrabble..cooked some and then watched a movie. I love rainy days like this..but then I also love being out in the rain too. lol. So that is why I have chosen this as the theme for today's post.

For a look at here
So this is pouring with rain..the Sock Stealer is hiding under the bed because he is a wet weather wuss! ML is also hiding, in a book because they share the wuss status..I am sat on a dining chair that I have placed out on the porch with a steaming hot cup of black coffee as I enjoy the rain coming down..finding peace in its sound..watching the ducks on the pond also enjoying it. I know that I have little or no chance of getting the other two to go out in this weather so I decide to cook us up a lovely the rather basic kitchen. And I mean...basic. lol. So after an extended brainstorming session sat out on the porch..I make a trip to the nearest supermarket (which is about 10 minutes away although you would never think you were near any sort of civilisation out on this farm and hastily buy the ingredients for my chosen recipes. And of course I stop at a coffee shop on the way back to enjoy a soya milk cappuccino whilst I check in with my mobile and with life back

Once back at the ranch it's time to unpack the shopping and get my sleeves rolled make this...

Cauliflower and Butterbean Rogan Josh
This is one of my most favourite spicy dishes..and the rogan josh sauce is so creamy and spicy. A must for the lovers of coconut milk out there....and I love the cauliflower and butterbean mix. It's really very easy to make so don't be put off by the list of's worth it..and you are worth it! I serve mine with simply cooked brown rice and some green on the side..steamed broccoli or dark green leafys. It fills the home with such a lovely smell and there is always leftovers which are even better heated up the next day as the spices become even more intense. A very delish dish! lol.

So for a dessert to be eaten later in the evening whilst we no doubt are battling it out in Scrabble wars...well I say battling it out...I almost always lose..but I am stubborn and hope that one day I will I have chosen

Super Gooey Chocolate Brownies
These sticky brownies are a good the day they are baked..but better the next. They are GF too so no heavy wheat feeling afterwards. ML would enjoy one with cream...whereas I would enjoy one with a decaf coffee. And it also means we would have some for the rest of the holiday as we are burning lots of calories with all the

I would also have made a huge batch of these muffins for easy breakfasts and snack eating whilst out and about...

Warrior Double Bran Muffins
These little robust beauties are wholesome, filling and give you a great energy boost. They keep well in a sealed container and they travel well in a backpack or rucksack..great for walking holidays or festivals. lol.

So that is this Fantasy Friday's day and meals plus snack OK I am away to do bucket duty to get all the leaks covered in this creaky old house. Urgh!..

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Friday is less wet than mine...wouldn't be hard!! lol.