Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Rocket & Roses HQ Play List:

U2 ~ Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
The Mama & The Papa's ~ Monday, Monday
Keith Urban ~ Stupid Boy
Suede ~ She's In Fashion
Ciara ~ Love, Sex, Magic
Brandi Carlile ~ The Story
Doris Day ~ Be Prepared
The Cars ~ Drive
INXS ~ Burn For You
Bruce Springsteen ~ For You
Astaire & Rogers ~ A Fine Romance
Bon Jovi ~ It's My Life
Dani Wilde ~ I Don't Even Care
Luke Morley ~ Sacred Cow
Nat King Cole ~ The Very Thought of You
Luke Morley ~ Road To Paradise

I have to share this with I experienced my first completely pain free moment (approx 1 minute but who's counting? lol) in years. So many years that I can't even remember when the last time actually was. And was it the result of painkillers, caffeine or yoga? Nope..certainly was not. They only ever take the sharp edge away from the constant pain...and the first two leave me with horrible side effects...the latter only helps so much these days..and that's only when I am able to do it..not often at all right now.

So what was it? I know you are asking Elation...happiness..laughter...and a mix of all three really. I was talking with my friend via Skype..we had been laughing and relaxing and then suddenly I was hit with a relaxing sensation and felt lifted..and risking some of you rolling your eyes and thinking I have finally lost the plot...white energy surrounding me. Very much like the visualisations in guided meditations that I sometimes do. And then I had a realisation that I was pain free..completely! And then proceeded to cry! Like I said it was such a brief time..but it was mind blowing..and obviously effected me emotionally! (see crying comment! lol) Thankfully, I was with a trusted pal and was free to revel in this moment.

Now obviously my pal and I joked about me seeing the 'light' and then when ML came home that was also the joke too..but I am not ready to go anywhere yet...too stubborn! lol.

Elation, laughter and general relaxing fun...
really is the best medicine..or at least..painkiller!
Am I in pain again right now? Yes unfortunately..but..Hey! One painfree moment folks! That's so's a start, right? lol.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my news...I hope your Wednesday is being as good to you?