Thursday, 17 November 2011

Salicylate Nightmare..could you help?

I've been mulling over a recent development that will affect my kitchen and my cooking style greatly. My Love has recently been diagnosed with Chronic Salicylate Sensitivity. And to be honest I had never heard of this sensitivity before and was completely floored when presented with the list of foods that contain the 'Sallys' technical term we have come up This can be found in 95% of the foods I cook with regularly. Total.Nightmare! 

My Love is also having to change toothpaste, shampoo and all toiletries. We even have to change laundry products and My Love even has to don washing up gloves to clean the dishes now. So it's been a rather stressful time in the Rocket and Rose house. We feel like we are walking blindly through this as the help from the Consultant has been little and of even less use. We have found several lists of foods that do contain 'Sallys' but each one contradicts the others massively. So for instance..tomatoes are banned on one list..but on another, tomatoes are fine. All spices and herbs are out. Disaster! And apparently all fruits and most veggies are out..but white products, all meats and bowls of sugar are fine! (Can you hear me screaming? Urgh!) 

So if any of you out there are familiar with this particular sensitivity..firstly let me say..We feel your pain!..but secondly...HELP! I would welcome any advice or routes to finding good advice that you could please drop me an email at believe me I will welcome your advice. 

So...that being the case I am having to come up with recipes that My Love can eat without them causing massive swelling, itching, ulcers, pain, fatigue, motor skills issues and inability to concentrate. To be honest I feel like I have poisoning my other half for the last three years because that's how far back we can trace it. 

I will start a Sally label and as I come up with recipes and I will add them in but it could be a slow process. A slow, painful process as once you take out what I can't eat and now what My Love can't eat..there really isn't a whole lot left. I may have to be a two menu household. But it has to be done. Anyway.....

Of course, as with food issues,  it goes without saying that all of My Loves favourite foods are on the Sally hit list and the ones that are hated are on the Sally free list...this is going to be one heck of a challenge...

Any advice?