Thursday, 3 November 2011

Oh She Glows Easy Vegan and Gluten Free Crackers Part 2 ~ With Toppings

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These vegan and gluten-free crackers have been enjoyed and eaten! Gone..all for the sake of this blog posting..Ahem. lol. As promised I chose three recipes to try out as toppers for these crackers. 

Easy Vegan & Gluten Free Crackers with a Trio of Toppings
The first topping I chose was Lydia's Pea Spread. When Chris from posted this spread recipe I knew I had to try it out. I had been wanting to try a 'pea' dip for a long time and the closest I'd got to that was Edamame not close at all but it was a similar principal. Chris had been served this on holiday in Germany and loved it so shared it via her blog. At the bottom of this posting is a link directly to her posting of this recipe. Chris does warn you about the intense garlic hit and even halving the suggested amount we still got quite a kick but this spread is addictive. It's fresh and very pleasing.  

Lydia's Pea Spread on Oh She Glows Crackers - Delish!
The second topping, a Chilli Bean Dip, I had found on many moons ago and it had been sat in my tray waiting to be tried. I added an extra 6oz cooked black turtle beans to it and it's a very mild Chilli flavour and then after swallowing you get a tiny cayenne hit. It was ok but we both felt it was missing something and maybe a little too watery. But we still enjoyed it with the crackers. 

Chilli Bean Dip on Oh She Glow Crackers - Mildly tasty
And the final topping was also found via but one I found on the day of baking the crackers. Broccoli Dip with Marinated Sun Dried Tomatoes and Brazil Nuts. The photo on vegweb is much brighter red than mine turned out. I was using a very dark brand of dried sundried tomatoes so maybe that was it? My Love thought this topping was delicious and thought it was quite 'broccoli and cheesey'. For me, I would definitely use a different sundried tomato next time. I felt the chewiness wasn't really to my taste. But the other ingredients were very tasty. 

Broccoli Dip with Marinated Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Brazil Nuts on Oh She Glows Crackers
As toppings for vegan and gluten free crackers...I think they all worked really well. The crackers didn't wilt when you topped them and they were the perfect accompaniment for the toppings. My favourite combo was Lydia's Pea Spread but My Love's was the Broccoli Dip. I am now inspired to make new toppings to team the crackers with..and may be even have a go at making my own gluten free crackers.

For Lydia's Pea Spread link: 

For Vegweb's Broccoli Dip:

For Vegweb's Chilli Bean Dip:

Hope you give these crackers a try...even if you don't 'need' to eat gluten-free they are a seriously delicious cracker....

Thanks to all for the great recipes..I enjoyed making and testing all of them...