Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Oh She Glows Easy Vegan and Gluten Free Crackers Part 1

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I'm slowly trying to reduce the wheat in my foods as I have had to reluctantly accept that I am just not digesting wheat properly. Damn shame because wholewheat bread, pastry and general wholewheat products were some of my favourite foods. My Dad is a Master Confectioner and Baker so it was in my genes to love the stuff. Although I have eaten some white flour products in the past..they weren't my favourite. I almost always preferred the wholewheat versions of everything. Tortillas, bread, rolls, cakes and cookies..the list goes on doesn't it. 

I recently put myself on a three week detox and cut out all wheat products and found very quickly my tum was much happier and therefore so was I. I'm not allergic or even intolerant like some poor folks are but I know for body is happier with only infrequent,  little amounts of wheat! So if I fancy something wheatie then that is ok..I'll have it but on the whole I shall be trying out and exploring further the gluten free world. 

Angela's Easy Vegan and Gluten Free Crackers - so tasty
Everyday I check in with and enjoy the daily posts and photos provided by Angela who is the creator and writer of it. She, too, is also experimenting with gluten free foods and I was happy to find the recipe for these crackers the other day.  Firstly they just looked so good and I secondly I had all the ingredients in my cupboards. 

Today I made a batch and for Angela's recipe please click on the link below and it will take you straight to her blog and the recipe. This recipe was ridiculously easy to make and it was fun to get the rolling pin out and my arms got a good work out whilst getting the dough to the required thinness. I didn't have one of the pastry cutters that Angela had, so I used a little daisy cookie cutter and I got 48 crackers in total. They baked perfectly and looked so good when they come out of the oven. Smelt good too!

I tested one straight from the baking sheet...who could wait with these? lol. They are very savoury and I enjoyed the hits of sesame, thyme and the garlic. They were perfectly crispy too! Tomorrow I am making some dip and a spread to test them properly with so check out tomorrows posting for Part 2...

Thanks again to Angela for a fab recipe..