Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Happy World Vegan Day everyone...and some R & R news

What a fantastic day,eh?  Personally I celebrate being a vegan every day but having an official day just feels good, doesn't it? So I thought I would take this opportunity to wish happy greetings to all vegans and vegetarians out there. And I found these two images during a search online that I feel sum up how I feel about it all. I hope you enjoy them? ~R~

Good, no? lol
The folks at happyvegetable.com gave a simple message..and I couldn't agree more! So thanks guys..~R~
So as you can see I'm almost back to some semblance of normal health and have definitely taken back the reins on this blog and hopefully soon to be a fully new and shiny blog/website. There are hopefully major changes in the near future for my blog and I. And to help this along I need your help..please pass on links of my blog to people you feel may also enjoy it and share the postings as many ways as you see fit. I would be very grateful and I would like to thank you for the time you take everyday to read my humble little blog. It's appreciated. 

I am reinstating one of my favourite features of this blog and that is the Mystery Ingredient Challenge. I shall be posting these recipes on a Tuesday from next week. 
Mystery Ingredient Challenge Tuesdays
My Love, friends and family will be the 'bringers' of the said items but now I want to open this to you all. If you have an ingredient that has always baffled you or you just want to know how to cook this ingredient...take a photograph and send it to me at the blog email address. Providing I can purchase the item..obviously..lol..I will then cook with it, post it and give you a shout out on a Tuesday blog. I look forward to hearing from you...it can be something simple like a bag of frozen peas..to something I've never even heard of..lol. As long as it's vegan! lol. 

The second change is going to be a new feature...which I am calling Thrifty Thursdays. I don't think I know of anyone who isn't being affected by the economic crisis. And to be honest most of my recipes aren't that expensive to make except maybe the celebration cakes. But I do recognise that having some very low cost recipes would help people out..
Thrifty Thursdays ~ So we can all try and save a few £'s for the odd treat..
Thursdays will be the day that I post up these recipes and they will under the label Thrifty Thursdays. And once again..if you have anything to share about this subject..please email me. If you have recipes that you think would be fitting for this section and you would like me to try them out...email me the details and I will try it and give you a shout out. ~R~ 

Once again...I always welcome any thoughts and ideas about the blog...Is there an area you think I'm neglecting? Is there feature you would like me to consider adding? Or just even a request for a particular recipe...Or just to stop by and say Hello...lol. I am writing this blog for me firstly but entertaining you is very important to me too. So get in touch...

I wish you all a very happy and fantastic food filled World Vegan Day and those of you out there on the front line of the vegan awareness...Go for it! We are all behind you...some of us may be more creative than political but it doesn't stop us appreciating all your hard work! 

All The Best