Thursday, 21 November 2013

Living a Life

Rocket & Roses HQ Play List:

The Puppini Sisters ~ Could It Be Magic
The Zutons ~ How Does It Feel?
Helen Humes ~ Dirty Mistreater Blues
Queen ~ We Will Rock You
Queens of the Stone Age ~ ...Like Clockwork
The Cranberries ~ You And Me
Audioslave ~ Until We Fall
The Commitments ~ The Dark End of the Street
Bonnie Raitt ~ Million Miles
The Blow ~ Bump It
Slash ft Fergie ~ Beautiful Dangerous 
Schubert: Symphony #8 in B Minor Allegro Moderato
Airbourne ~ It Ain't Over Till It's Over
Javina Magness ~ One More Heartache

First rule of blogger club....don't talk about blogger club! Ha! No sorry that was too irrististable to not say and is from some movie I watched a while ago. lol Forgive me? What I meant to say was the first rule of blogging is...Live life first then blog about it. It's essential and for the last few days that is exactly what I have been doing. 

Remembering to do this...

Sadly coming home was almost a physical body blow for us both. And having to keep answering the same question....Glad you've had a great holiday but you are pleased to be home, right?....has been a little exhausting. Out of politeness you say..Yes of course...because no one really wants to hear the truth. Our truth being...No. Not at all. We are sad and miserable living in this house and in this town and we are truly desperate to has been a trial coming 'home' this time. And neither of us handled it well and now we are counting down the days to our short trip to Amsterdam and then it will be for the holidays to be over so we can get back to getting this place sold and making the move. But in the mean time we have to try and remember that even though we are very sad because of our situation, we still have a life to live. 

This week is ML's birthday week and there have been mini celebrations along the way. Firstly on Monday we were lucky to have tickets to watch the West End Touring Production of Cabaret. We attended with our good pals Dev and B and we enjoyed a fantastic night at the theatre. The perfomances were energetic and the emotive moments drew you in until you were lost with them. Will Young made for a great MC and I could see why he had won his awards. The supporting cast were amazing and we were entertained from the beginning to the end. 

Such a great show...I would happily see it again.
As we have taken every opportinity to leave the house we've also met up with pals for coffee/tea to catch up with each other and that time is precious. Catching up with my sister and hearing about the wedding updates was really good. And we also picked up the four legged fella from the Doggie Hotel. And as predicted he really didn't want to leave and has been pining for A & C since he returned. 

Coffee, Herbal Tea, Hot Water..or all works as longs as the loved ones are there.

ML chose a movie for the enterainment for the evening of the actual birthday and as with every year I get dragged to a Sci Fi This year the selection was Ender's Game which ML had read 20 years ago. So with the company of Dev and her lovely Mum who is visiting right now, we made it to the movies. And beside four others we were the only ones in at this showing time and so we stretched out in the VIP seats and got settled in. 

Never heard of it until ML brought it to my attention...

Well...who knew? Who knew that I could watch a Sci Fi movie and get so lost and invested in it? lol. Not me, that is for sure. But that is exactly what happened with this movie. It's hard to talk about it without giving the fantastic plot twist away. So I shall say only this....first class story and scriptwriting...first class acting...great action combined with great moral issues. A fantastic movie and I was so pleased that ML asked me to go...but once again..who knew? lol

As ML has been on holiday from work this week too...we've also caught up on But it has been so rushing about in the mornings...just peaceful sleep followed by breakfast in bed...lovely. It's living...

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz and repeat
And during those rare moments this week where we have found ourselves at hell home and I've been a Candy Crush widow...I've caught up on a couple of movies that I have always wanted to's being...

Thought it was about time I watched

...I know it's a fairly old movie but it is one I have never seen. Being a 'thriller' movie fan it is shocking to me that I haven't...but today it went on Netflix..ML was deep in CC territory so I thought I'd go for it. And to be honest...I enjoyed it very much but why it is considered such a classic is lost on me. Maybe it was a case of expectation ruining the results...but I am pleased I have watched it now. 

Tomorrow I am heading back into the kitchen so recipes will be back tomorrow folks. The rest of our Friday will be a quiet one and then on Saturday it's family day madness with my sister and the little ones. Sunday is the final celebration day as we are meeting up with our good friends for Sunday lunch in the city...

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Friday is a very good one...