Monday, 18 November 2013

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Cabaret OST Album (catching up lol)

I think it's safe to say folks that I am suffering the most awful post holiday blues. We came home to a freezing, almost damp cold house that no longer holds any appeal for either of us and the resulting mood was not a great one. However it has made us more determined to get this place sold and move on. Our life here is quote The Band Perry...done, so done! But we'd had a great visit on our way home at ML's folks and a great time in Cornwall so we are choosing to focus on that and not Helltown. People have it a lot worse, eh? 

So it's ML's birthday week and therefore over the week there are little celebrations happening. The first being tonight...we are meeting up with our pals Dev & B and then going to the theatre to see the National Tour of the West End Production of Cabaret. I had always avoided Cabaret the movie having had an ex who was a little obsessed. lol. But ML had asked to go and then shortly after my agreeing the four of us sat down and watched the movie one Sunday afternoon and I really enjoyed it. Phew!! At least now I won't have to style my hair to hide sneakily plugged in ear buds...attached to my ever faithful iPod. lol. No, I jest of course...I would never do that...AHEM!lol. 

The Tour Poster

The day has been spent visiting my sister and catching up on the post wedding happenings and then buying new slippers because of the coldness of the house. So no cooking today but I am hoping to get some time in the kitchen once we have picked the four legged fella from the Doggie Hotel..although tempting him to leave is going to be hard work as he never wants to leave our friends A & 

So life flips back to face reality once again and with a huge thud! Ah well...

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Monday has been kind to you all....