Monday, 25 March 2013

Sometimes you just need your pals around...

Rocket & Roses HQ Play List:

AC/DC ~ Shot Down In Flames
Newton Faulkner ~ Uncomfortably Slow
Halestorm ~ It's Not You (Live)
Xtina ~ Candyman
PCD ~ Don't Cha
Beth Rowley ~ So Sublime
Sting ~ Fields of Gold
Holly Williams ~ Let You Go
Lacuna Coil ~ Honeymoon Suite
Buena Vista Social Club ~ Amor De Loca Juventud
Garbage ~ Why Don't You Come Over
Tina Dico ~ Send My Best
The Union ~ What Doesn't Kill You
Billy Joel ~ Honesty

Yesterday, ML and I were lucky to have an afternoon filled with friends. The idea was to get together and get in touch with our inner child and play board games. However only one game was played and the rest of the time was spent catching up with each other. Oh and the four legged family enjoyed a walk in the country park and D & B were the brave adventurers that set out with them...and they looked so wind swept when they got To say it is blustery here right now is an understatement.

I needed time with my friends...they have the ability to make me feel supported and enable me to relax when everything around me feels chaotic and well...messed up. Just being able to sit in the room with peaceful for me...and also great fun.

A lesson I have learnt...
I spent my 20s and early 30s surrounded by friends...but one day it settled within me that most of them didn't really know me and I didn't know them. We were friendly strangers I suppose. So now I have a core group of good friends...the ones who know me. I am a private person even though I write a And they are the ones who know me now....the ones I trust. The ones who can make me laugh when I need to...ones who I would call if I needed help. And I am thankful every day for them being in my life. (Yes I am totally sapping out here And I hope they know I never take them for granted...

Strength that friendships can give is like no other...
Well I shall stop my emoting for today...and shall get back to resting! (insert frustrated expletives Thanks for stopping by and I hope your week gets off to a great start...


P.S For those who are wondering...the game was Cluedo and I lost..badly!

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