Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Day Trip Part 1: Barmston Beach/Cliff views

Rocket & Roses Car Play List:

The Rat Pack ~ Alive and Swinging Live Show Album

Sunday was our 'hitched' anniversary and we decided to take a mini road trip up the coast to a small beach/cliff that we love. Barmston is sadly being ravaging by coastal corrosion and it seems to have shrunk every time we visit. The weather was filthy...it was so blustery that many times we thought the car was gonna lift up and be pitched over the edge..lol. I loved it. Yes I know...I'm a freak. lol. It was also snowing so as we sat in the car watching the awesome crashing waves...eating our car picnic...snow flakes were falling down on us too. Perfect! Well for me anyway. I took some shots of the water and cliffs...and wanted to share them with you. So here goes and I hope you enjoy...

Barmston Beach from the cliff edge
The sky was so blue and the clouds so stormy. The water was grey but filled with such power as it sent the waves crashing against the cliff...the sound was amazing.

Barmston Beach ~ rolling and crashing waves
I am fuelled by the sound of water...and the sound they made whilst we sat there mesmerised was nothing short of awesome.

Barmston Beach ~ the skies...
I loved the cloud formation in this shot. The beautiful blue sky above...the clouds hanging beautifully then the intense sea....

Barmston Beach...view from the car.
It wouldn't be a car picnic without a view like this..including the baseball boot! lol.

Barmston Beach ~ crashing waves...

The hour or so we spent there really helped to recharge and re-energise my ailing body. But then I am always happiest near the sea.

So my car picnic...I enjoyed a Carrot Salad in Coriander Dressing. Which was made up by bulgar wheat, grated carrot, coriander vinaigrette, chickpeas, Mint Infused Sunflower oil, spring onions, cranberries, Coriander infused Sunflower oil and ground turmeric. This salad was a delight...maybe a little too oily for my personal taste but I didn't let that ruin the munching.

This was followed by a Passion Fruit and Peach Shaker Pot which is a pot cram pack filled with fresh fruit: Melon, Mango, Pineapple, Black grapes, Strawberries. Freshly squeezed orange and passion fruit dressing and Passion Fruit and Peach fresh dressing. The idea is you pour the dressings over the fruit..place the lid back on and shake like a cocktail. Then eat. However...I am have a bit of a 'thing' about dressed fruits. I tried it this way and found the dressing not really to my taste...which is odd considering I love passion fruit. I guess I just enjoy my fruits fresh and luscious..on its own. And I realised...I still don't like mango...yuck. lol.

But I really enjoyed the car picnic...just being away from the house and having some space to breathe.

The next part of the trip I shall post about tomorrow...but it won't be a shock to you to know it involves some Art. lol.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Tuesday is a good one....