Saturday, 16 March 2013

Hummus, Olives, Baby Spinach and Baby Plum Tomato Wraps

Rocket & Roses HQ Play List:

Thunder ~ Don't Wait Up
Robbie Williams ~ Have You Met Miss Jones
PCD ~ Jai Ho!
The Union ~ Black Gold
Beth Hart ~ Lifts You Up
Little Angels ~ Do You Wanna Riot
Colbie Caillat ~ Tied Down
Metallica ~ The Struggle Within
The Gossip ~ Men In Love
Jamie Cullum ~ 21st Century Kid
Tina Dico ~ Back Where We Started
The Cranberries ~ Salvation
Florence & The Machine ~ Lover to Lover
Gina Sicilia ~ Can't Control Myself

Today is family day which means our home is flooded with life, noise and hugs. I love it and I really hate when I have to abstain because of my health. I love getting to spend time with my sister and watching the little ones run ML ragged. Lunch is always fun..but these days it's done in stages...ML makes something nice for the gang...I have something vegan...and ML then sits down with a bowl of rice crispies and lactofree milk.

My lunch will be a beautiful wrap that was made starting with a wheat/white multi grain wrap, a layer of hummus, baby spinach leaves, mixed olives and finally some baby plum tomatoes.  Folded into an easy to eat wrap and then devoured. lol.

Hummus, mixed olive, baby spinach and baby plum
tomato wheat/white multi grain wrap

As there really is no need for a recipe for this lunch dish I decided to share with you a painting I found online. Now I have no idea who the artist is and I would be very happy if someone could tell me.

Isn't she beautiful? Resplendent and most definitely
a vegan!
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are all enjoying your Saturday...