Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Dining Out: Veggie & 3 Bean Burritos at The Old Farmhouse

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Yesterday was one of those Argghhhhh mornings at the doctors. After, when we had semi- processed what they said, we needed to escape the house and town were we live. So we got in the car and took a ride to The Old Farmhouse for a late lunch. We used to go to this pub years ago when I was still a vegetarian. I used to enjoy the cheese and chutney it down with copious amounts of J2O Cranberry and Orange (aka hangover They never used to offer a vegan option so we haven't been there in years. Then someone mentioned to ML that their menu had undergone a major change recently. We hopped onto the internet and found that it was true and not only was there one choice...there was two! Well one vegan and one easily veganised.

The Old Farmhouse Veggie & 3 Bean Burrito
I opted for the Veggie & 3 Bean Burrito but made some adaptions after checking the filling was vegan. The burrito came with yellow rice, nachos and salad and also guacamole, sour cream and salsa. So my changes were as the sour cream, no red onion in my salad and as I'm an 'on the side' kinda gal I asked for my salsa and guac to be on the side. And this is the lovely plate they brought me.

The burrito was soft and the filling really tasty. The veggies and beans were in a smooth refried beanesque sauce. I ate a couple of mouthfuls of the rice but left the rest...I really didn't get why that was included. The nachos as with the rice were good but I only had a few with my guac which was the usual restaurant style guac. The salad was fresh and really good
and personally I would've happily done without the rice and half of the nachos and tripled up the salad. And I was halfway out of the restaurant when I realised I hadn't had any salsa. Darn! lol

The atmosphere in the bar was chilled except for one of the serving staff who was extremely loud and cheerful. But she made you smile with her enthusiasm. lol. ML indulged in a dessert but I was way too full.

It was so good to be out of prison the house and after lunch we had a very slow stroll around a couple of shops. Nothing special..just picking up essentials but it was enough time away to process the happenings of the morning. And we laughed a lot...which was more important.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your week is being kind to you?