Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Artwork: Birch Wood by Carol Davidson (Anniversary Road Trip part 2)

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Tina Dico ~ Room With A View
Doris Day ~ Pillow Talk
Court Yard Hounds ~ Fear Of Wasted Time
Foo Fighters ~ On The Mend
Tim McGraw ~ Southern Voice
Audioslave ~ Shadow On The Sun
Missy Higgins ~ The River
Brandi Carlile ~ If There Was No You
David Bowie ~ Blue Jean
INXS ~ The Strangest Party
Prince ~ Purple Rain
Adele ~ Someone Like You
Ocean Colour Scene ~ The Circle
Tina Dico ~ Hitchhikers Theme

.....we took the scenic drive from Barmston Beach along the coast to Bridlington. This seaside town has been having a lot of regeneration money back into it and I was curious to see the difference that had been made since I was last there. Also ML had been instrumental in accessing funding for the Bridlington Spa revamp and had heard many things about its new refurb. I have spent a lot of my past at gigs there so curious doesn't even cover Oh so many memories....*sighs*....anyway.

It now has a theatre, event room, cafe and restaurant and an art gallery! So we braved the blustery winds and clung to each other as we crossed the road to enter the Spa. Once inside we had a quick pootle around to peer in windows and take in the magnificent changes that had been made. The smell of the freshly percolated coffee was driving my senses whore addict here! lol. This was all very nice and I enjoyed the small tour but really my heart was being drawn away by the art gallery.

There were two exhibits on of a seaside scene nature which was OK but not really to my taste. But we did slowly (I have no other speed setting these days...) walk around and take in and appreciate this exhibit. I'm sorry but I can't remember his name and I have checked out the website for his information but it's not there so can't share it with you.

However...the second exhibit was a eclectic mix of mediums used and subjects. Carol Davidson was the artist. And I have to say although it wasn't all to my taste I enjoyed it. And sparked a few debates between ML and myself as we walked around.

I loved her use of colour in her work and as we were leaving we walked past a stand of prints of the artists work. I was instantly drawn to one piece...titled Birch Woods.

Birch Wood by Carol Davidson
The use of red in this painting really appealed to me. And I was captivated by the piece. I can sit and stare at it find something new each time. I also find it fuels my creativity and it inspires ideas for new stories. I love when that

There was a very cruel but funny moment as we left the we walked out of the entrance a gust of wind picked ML's cap and sent it hurtling down the sea front. Leaving me clinging to wall and ML chasing after it. And it was right out of one of those slapstick comedies where every time it settled and ML reached down to pick it it went again. I have to admit..I was almost crying with laughter at this point and thank goodness for the wall. A family who left just after us was stood taking in the scene next to me...and thankfully a rather red in face ML saw the funny side of it too...cap in hand. lol.

We took the scenic back down the coast and then slipped into the city and cruised the streets where we are hoping to move to..and dreamed of that day. Then it was the short ride home and back to reality after sharing a fantastic day.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Wednesday is a great one...filled with inspirational moments...


NB: I take no credit for the piece of artwork above. It is the work and talent of Carol Davidson alone and I am just happy to own this print of it and share it with you.