Monday, 4 March 2013

Sinful Moment: Tomato & Olive Pizza

Rocket & Roses HQ Play List:

Little Angels ~ The Way That I Live
Hoobastank ~ The Reason
Texas ~ Put Your Arms Around Me
The Cranberries ~ Wanted
Eric Clapton ~ Change The World
Easton Corbin ~ Don't Ask Me About A Woman
UB40 ~ Singer Man
Fun Lovin' Criminal ~ Bump
Stevie Ray Vaughan ~ Riviera Paradise
Auf De Maur ~ Real A Lie
Beth Hart ~ Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
Patti Smith ~ People Have The Power
Halestorm ~ Love/Hate Heartbreak
Chris Cornell ~ Arms Around Your Love

Food cravings! Blimey have I ever had extreme food cravings in the last couple of months. It started with celery. I could not get enough of the crunchy goodness...and found myself craving it so much that ML had to leave me a box of celery sticks for me to munch on all day long. lol. The craving was so bad that I had to have it...nothing else would do...nothing...

After the celery cravings passed...I then moved onto beetroot. Common, boiled beetroot and I had it a few times a day until I just couldn't bear it anymore. lol. Then my cravings turned to a fairly recent foodie love....olives. Couldn't stand them until about two years ago and now I can't get enough of them. However...I only like the briney kind. I've tried many of the marinated ones but as I don't like oil I find them too much. I particularly love them on a toothpick/olive stick dipped into hummus. My personal snack of I have been having olive pate, snack olives with hummus, olives straight from the jar and basically any excuse for eating Food cravings are a bitch...

Saturday evening I couldn't decide on what to have for my evening meal but I did know it had to have And I rarely have pizzas but suddenly got the craving for a tomato and olive pizza. I am lucky that one of my local pizza joints make naturally vegan pizza bases that are ML rang them and asked if it would be possible to have a tomatoey garlicky base and then a generous amount of black olives on top...and in 30 minutes that's exactly what I had sat in front of me...Sinful and Heavenly all at the same time...

One Tomato/Garlic and Olive happy
So happy was I...I forgot all the reasons I shouldn't indulge in pizza. The tomato base was intensely garlicky which I love and adored...and the olives were salty and just firm enough to pop when you bit into them. The base was thin and soft from the juices of the toppings. And the herbs..oregano and thyme were insanely satisfying. I enjoyed it so much in that moment...and enjoying food is something I don't get to do often these days.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope your week gets off to a great start....