Saturday, 23 March 2013

Noo's Tinkerbell Inspired Birthday Cake

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Today is our very splendid little Warrior Princess niece Noo's 4th birthday. I say she is 4 going on 14! lol. We have woken up to a covering of snow so she also gets some winter magic thrown in to her birthday celebrations. So we are sending out a heap of love to her and wishing her the very best birthday filled with love...and lots of fun.

So that means for the last couple of days ML has been locked away in the kitchen baking and decorating the cake for the party. Noo herself asked if she could have a Tinkerbell inspired cake and ML was only too happy to indulge her. And this morning the finished cake was revealed and (I know I'm biased!!! hush! lol) I think it is a fantastic cake.

One Tinkerbell Inspired Cake for the Birthday Girl
The top cake is a vanilla sponge to satisfy the chocolate cake haters at the The bottom layer is a chocolate cake with chocolate filling.

The aerial view...Tinkerbell just chilling on her favourite flower!
Cannot believe that Noo is four already...but she is growing up to be a great person with whom I enjoy spending time with...even when she's grumpy.

Tinkerbell posing for the camera..such a show off! lol
And the last and final photo...purely a gratuitous shot....another view of the cake made entirely by ML's hand.

Great work ML..
So the only thing to do is this HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOO! 

And huge thanks once again to ML for making such a great creation...and you say you are not a creative person??? Secret's out now xx

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Saturday is filled with laughter and fun...