Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Rocket and Roses Trio of Strawberry Desserts

Kitchen Play List:  Shakira ~ Donde Estan Los Ladrones
                                      Katherine Crowe ~ Weakness In Me
                                      Madeleine Peyroux ~ Lonesome Road
                                      Queen ~ Too Much Love Will Kill You
                                      Bowes & Morley ~ On A Day Like Today
                                      The Eagles ~ I Don't Wanna Hear Anymore

What fun I had creating this little dessert. I wanted a 'light' dessert for the end of my friend S's birthday dinner. I wanted it to be packed with flavour too. 

The annoying chefs on the tv food shows all do these type of desserts and I've always thought them pretentious and too large portions. So it was a very strange day in the Rocket and Roses Kitchen when I found myself playing around with this idea. lol. One of the many things I can do...is admit when I am wrong. And I was...although I still say their portion sizes are crazy. But I had great fun putting this special dessert together. 

Rocket and Roses Trio of Strawberry Desserts...pretentious, Moi? lol
The dessert was inspired by all the desserts I had made over the last week with my strawberries. I started it off with a little (1.5" round) bowl of Strawberry Sorbet...two Dark Chocolate Dipped Strawberries and finished it with a simple 3 halved strawberries with a dessertspoon of good vanilla soy ice cream...and by the time we got to the later one, the ice cream had melted a little and was strawberries and 'creamy'...if that made sense? lol. The recipes for the sorbet can be found under the Sorbet or Ice Cream label and the dipped strawberries can be found under Treats. 

We had a lovely relaxed meal with J&S and this dessert ended the evening nicely. Gotta love a good birthday celebration....lol.