Sunday, 12 June 2011

The One with the Vegan Beer and the Dry Martini...

Oh my are things a little bleary around here this morning. lol. Last night My Love and I had decided it was time we had a couple of alcoholic beverages. We had a good movie to watch...nothing else to where else to why not? When we were grocery shopping we had picked up some beers for My Love and I had a long standing appointment with a cocktail or two. Marvelous..

My first drink was a classy Watermelon Rum Cocktail which was nice but a little sweet but enjoyable. Then my pal asked me via IM if I was finally having my Dirty Martini that I had been craving since my birthday? I said I wasn't but I would be in a the few minutes that it took My Love to shake and pour one! Thank you F! lol. I still didn't get my Dirty Martini as the only olives I had in my stocks were the sliced black kind and a rather large jar of pimento filled green ones! Darn! So My Love brought me a beautifully made and looking Dry Martini with little lemon curls. I think the words I used to describe it to my pal F via photo/text was...Wowser! lol. It really hit the spot. The floral taste blended with the citrus curls pleasantly and to sip it throughout the rest of the movie was a pure pleasure. And I decided that these are definitely a rare treat every now and Don't think my liver could take more than one...signs of a misspent youth/20's/30's...ahem! lol. 

My Dry Martini with Lemon the background is my Classic Hollywood Cocktails book my lovely Mum bought me years ago...You can just make out Audrey in the background. lol. Hey I'd had a drink or two by
Now My Love's choice of alcohol was one I pointed out on the shelves. And if I'm really honest I pointed it out because of the name and the label..hey..I don't drink beer or ale and especially not Bitter or Guiness. Yuck. But My Love does...and I was very surprised when it was chosen and put in the trolley. lol. So we were both shocked to find out that it was a vegan beer. Bonus! My Love isn't a vegan so doesn't get hung up on these things but I do and felt a little smug that the beer I had flagged up turned out to be vegan too! lol. Only long as My Love enjoyed it then that's good with me.

See the label is very good, eh? lol 
I'm a bit of a Classic Mythology geek and we had watched Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief last weekend. lol. So this label spoke to me...well not literally! lol.

Back label 
See the Vegan sign...up there! To the right lol
OK so maybe I was a little tipsy halfway through the Martini? And I shouldn't be allowed near my camera. lol. But I think it's good to cut loose every couple of months or Yeah we are that regular drinkers Ah photo coming up...promise only one more...

The One with a Vegan Beer (or three!) and a Dry Martini! lol.
Oh well...I am pleased to report no hangovers were incurred after the above drinking tip..plenty of water! lol. But it was nice to just kick back.....the movie incase you are wondering was Eat, Pray, Love and Julia was her usual great self.

Hope you laughed a little?