Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A cool refreshing drink on a hot day

I don't know about you but on hot days I welcome a chilled drink waiting for me in the fridge. And for those of you lucky enough to be able to enjoy drinks packed with sugar and preservatives or a cold beer...then this posting is probably not for you. lol. 

I drink, 95% of the time, regular filtered water. Oh I do mix it up a little...sometimes I'll have it room temprature or I'll have it chilled. And if I'm really wanting to live dangerously I will have sparkling water. I know...what a devil eh? The reason for this is because of the years I spent drinking nothing but black coffee and diet has left me with very sensitive teeth. (That is the bit they leave out in their advertisements...Drink calories but it will kill your enamel!)  My own fault...I lived life too well for many years. lol. I find now if I drink anything other than water my teeth and gums just hurt. Sad but true. I now drink all cold drinks with a straw but that's not a problem.

But I get cravings for flavoured drinks, finally caving and having a diet coke or fruit drink. So I have been trying for the last few years to find alternatives. Fruit juices just strip my teeth so I have them once a week with my Sunday brunch along with my once a week coffee. lol. And  I always try and make sure the fruit juice is freshly squeezed.  I've had helpful suggestions from people saying oh drink diet this and fruit juice that...but all have acids and sugars and in many cases preservatives that make me ill. 

Then one day it hit me...what about my fruit teas. So I invested in a fridge jug and threw two Cranberry and Raspberry tea bags, filled with boiling water and left it to go cold and then stashed it in the fridge. It tasted good but needed just a little help with some sweetness so the next batch I added 1 tsp Agave Nectar to the hot water steeping time. Delish! I've made many jugs of this chilled drinks and it works better with some more than others. Some are just meant to be enjoyed hot. lol. Not all need added sweetness either so if I'm trying a new flavour I don't add the Agave and then sweeten the next batch if needed. 

Now this drink won't be for people with a really sweet I consider it...water with a 'hint' of flavour. But my kid brother surprised me one day and drank two glass fulls straight down...who knew? lol He really enjoyed it!

Twinings 'New' Blackcurrant & Mint Tea...very refreshing!

There is no measures for this other than the Agave. Just 2-3 teabags, hot water and 1 tsp Agave if needed.