Saturday, 4 June 2011

Beetroot Burger with Rocket & Roses Garlic Aioli in a Wrap

Kitchen Play List:  BBC Radio 2

I needed to throw together a lunch at the last minute today...not because I wasn't expecting my guests..but we were out later yesterday than expected and I slept in this morning! Oops! lol. My sister and her little ones come for lunch on Saturdays and I look forward to it all week. The little ones are always happy to have star shaped peanut butter sandwiches and M always has a fresh pepper mountain on the side and N has her Matoes! lol. So I try and do myself, My Love and my sister something 'grown up' and yummy. I was going for a falafel, hummus, grated carrot wrap combo but the one time I want to buy something 'ready made' the supermarket have run out of it! Typical! lol. So plan B came to me quite quickly as I remembered some Beetroot Burgers I had in the freezer from I was 'testing' recipes for Colour Me Vegan. Now I had no luck keeping these little beauts together so I threw them into freezer bags to freeze. I have been making my own Garlic Aioli and mixing it into the heated crumbs and serving it 'sloppy joe' style in good wholemeal rolls. Very tasty. I know my sister loves beetroot as much as we do and she likes garlic so that was that really. 

The open wrap with a good layer of Garlic Aioli, shredded romaine lettuce and a Beetroot Burger.

Not my best photo of a finished recipe but I had little ones racing around That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it! lol.

The recipe for the Beetroot Burgers can be found in Colleen Patrick-Goudreau's great cookbook Color Me Vegan.

The Rocket and Roses Garlic Aioli recipe can be found under the RocketandRoses VK recipes label and the Dips & Hummus label.

I liked this lunch but we had to have plain white wraps which aren't to my taste. I almost always have wholewheat...ah was a tasty lunch and thrown together at the last moment...and we had some of the Strawberry Sorbet for all was

Enjoy ~R~