Sunday, 12 June 2011

Plain Old Beans on Toast Brunch

Kitchen Play List: BBC Radio 2 Steve Wright's Love Songs

A classic and perfect...'the morning after the drinks' brunch lol
Some times the old things are the best. My Love brought me this to me this morning as a quick and nutritious brunch. I am a little bleary eyed as I didn't sleep more than two hours last night..thank you very much alcohol! lol. And it was just perfect. Two slices of wholewheat toast from a lovely little unsliced loaf we had bought yesterday and a generous scoop of Baked Beans (the healthy low salt low sugar kind!) and a smallest scrape of vegan butter on the one slice. A small glass of Blood Orange, Pink Grapefruit and Orange juice courtesy of Blimey that citrus opened my peepers. lol. And a glass of water. I'm saving my cup of coffee for later as I think I may need it then and I may even push the boat out and have fully leaded and not decaf today. lol. 

Thanks to My Love for making this brunch...~R~