Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Travel: Amsterdam

Rocket & Roses Play List:

Ray Charles ~ Hey Now
Kelly Rowland ~ Daylight
Chely Wright ~ Deep Down Low
Kenny Wayne Shepherd ~ What's Goin' Down?
Rob Thomas ~ Still Ain't Over You
Christina Perri ~ Mine
The Eagles ~ Heartache Tonight
Depeche Mode ~ World In My Eyes
Liberty X ~ Just A Little
Joan Jett ~ ACDC
Orianthi ~ If U Were Here With Me
Chris Cornell ~ Part Of Me
VAST ~ Thrown Away (Seattle Acoustic Live)
The Ting Tings ~ Shut Up And Let Me Go

I have been a sufferer of Wanderlust from being a toddler. I would play games where I was exploring new places and when told we were going..well..anywhere..I would be one happy kid. This condition only worsened as I grew up and by the time I was an adult I may as well have worn a sign around my neck saying...Beware! Wanderlust Infected...lol. It was always my one dream to have travelled the world and have been to every country in it. But my travels don't have to be so extravagant as I can get happy with the thought of travelling to somewhere new in the UK. My holiday this year is to the coastal county of Cornwall and I cannot wait. I was born in the nearest county to it but never visited so I naturally love that part of England...it's my roots man! lol. I have travelled Long Haul and will no doubt write about that in the near future...but today is about a break I am taking at the end of November.

I am a carrier...

We are fortunate to live near one of the ports of England where Ferries sail out to Amsterdam and Bruges. And one evening we were parked along the foreshore and watched as the Amsterdam ferry pulled away from the port and suddenly the spark was lit...and we decided to make the trip and hopefully our friends A & C would come along with us. So plans were hatched and tickets purchased and we now have plans for the end of November. Basically these trips are called mini cruises because you are on board the ferry overnight and arrive in Amsterdam the next morning and you have the full day to pootle around the town...be that heading for the famous cafes where you can ingest marijuana anyway you damn well please without fear of being arrested...or visit the infamous Sex Museum and red light area. However, I am hoping to take in the atmosphere of the town..the culture and try and get in to see the many Art museums and if the queue isn't too long have a walk around Anne Franks Museum although ML said the queues are always ridiculously long and as we only have the day it may have to wait for another trip there. But to be honest...just taking slow strolls alongside the canals and taking in every detail would be enough for me. I only hope I am well enough...but...anyway!!! I will be well enough..ahem. 

Beautiful, no?

I have always wanted to visit Amsterdam so this mini trip has brightened my spirits and really given me something to look forward to amongst the Urgh that you folks know that I am living with. So this is how my travel postings will work...I'll either write about places I've already been, places I'm about to go to or just dream about places I hope to go to in the future. 

One final shot of Amsterdam...so excited...lol

So in the meantime I shall be geeking out and trying to learn a little Dutch before we go. lol. Have you been to Amsterdam? What were your experiences? Did you find any vegan places to eat? If so, feel free to drop me a line at rocketandroses@aol.com 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Tuesday is a pleasant one...