Saturday, 19 October 2013

A Great Friday Escape...

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Gin Wigmore ~ Gravel & Wine Album

Yesterday ML had a meeting in York and I went along for the ride. It was so good to be out of the R&R HQ and getting some other much needed stimulation. A person can only stare at the same walls day in, day out for so long before you start *nervous twitch* to go a little nuts. It was an early start and the weather could be described as grey and dismal...with a side order of mist in places but I really couldn't have given a fig because I love a road trip. Sun, rain, sleet, wind or snow...I'm there and I'm invested in enjoying the ride. So whilst we pootled our way up to York I sat back and enjoyed the tunes playing and watched the scenery. I was very happy...

The drop off point for me was a coffee shop, breaking myself in easily to the day, and my heart sank a little at the queue waiting to be served and lack of tables. But the barristas energy was infectious and before I could think..."Oh my long is this queue?" I was being greeted by a cheeky smile and my order was being tea and a slice of vegan banana bread please So enthusiastic was this chap that when giving me my change he upended the coins and they fell all over the floor. Dang! He was mortified. But I seemed to be surrounded by splendid guys this morning because when I went to bend down and retrieve my coinage I found a guy on his hands and knees scooping them up for me. I stood there a little embarrassed and when he stood up he smiled and handed them to me. What a gent! I thanked him and headed off in search of a table and found one in the window. (Not my favourite place as I feel like a goldfish at those I settled in and plugged into my iPod and got out my current reading book and zenned out. A few moments later I was disturbed by a tap on my shoulder which quite frankly nearly gave me a It was my gent again..asking if he could share the table. We actually ended up chatting whilst he drank his espresso (so jealous...I miss those right now lol) then he made his exit and I settled back into my refreshments, music and book. Still happy...

Life lesson...except I mainline green tea these

After an hour of getting lost in this moment of simple happiness I took a slow stroll around a couple of shops and found a few bargains. An olive green snood/scarf thingy...a red dish (hush I love pottery! lol)..and a new lemon zester as my old one collapsed last weekend.

ML's meeting finished and we decided to extend the road trip to take in a farm shop called Balloon Tree. ML had been driving past it for quite some time and always with the thought "Red would love this place..." and so today I finally got to visit. It was in full on pumpkin season and as well as growing and selling all their own veggies/fruits and squashes they have a fully stocked deli shop and cafe. Sadly the cafe didn't cater for either of our foodie needs but I wasn't that bothered because my head was still in the fresh produce section, plotting and planning the cooking of many of their offerings. And I walked around happily Ooohing and Awwwing over the beautiful specimens of veggies. I filled our basket full to overflowing to the point ML could barely lift Ooops. Here is a glorious photo of my stash...and the subjects of future posts..

Look at these beauts...lush, vibrant and freshly harvested.

So I picked up a culinary orange pumpkin, a harvest pumpkin, an unspecified pumpkin for stuffing, fresh brussel sprouts, 2 cloves of elephant garlic, beetroots with lush greenage attached (rare!), large kale leaves, purple/red cabbage, giant sweetheart cabbage....happy, happy, happy. lol.

An extra gratuitous veggie

As were leaving ML took some shots of the vibrant pumpkins and also the Pumpkin Path that leads down to the fields of pumpkins and veggies that you can Pick Your Own.

Pumpkin anyone?? lol

We are planning to bring the little ones there for Halloween next year so they can all pick there own little pumpkin for carving. Hopefully next year I will be well enough to join in. But I was happy to select mine from the little market instead.

Follow the orange squash road...follow, follow, follow, follow..follow the orange squash road! lol

We left the farm shop rather stunned at how cheap our stash had been (£11 for the cheap!!) and very hungry. It was decided to take a scenic route back to the city and hopefully find somewhere to stop off for lunch along the way.

Wolds Village ~ The entrance to an enchanting place...

It was a great drive and I admit I just got lost in it. We made our way through the villages and finally stopped off at a place called Wolds Village. It's a beautifully restored building that has a restaurant, cafe, art gallery, courtyard and shop. It was the kind of place that you imagine all tourists coming to England expect us to live in. It was something different and the attention to detail was superb if not a little dark..but very in keeping with it's style. It wasn't the most veggie friendly which was a shame but they did have a freshly cooked Onion and Leek Soup which I was happy to try. I can't bring myself to say what ML tucked into...but I am told it was delicious. *shudder* We enjoyed our lunch in relative privacy and then made our way to their Art Gallery. As far as galleries go it was small but stocked with vibrant and interesting paintings, sculptures and pottery...and I was in temporary art heaven. lol.

Love Your Bum ~ Penny De Cote (Wall Plaques)

These were one of the first things we saw and we both laughed and enjoyed them...and felt it only right that we shared them with you all. Cheeky!

Light Edging Through ~ Pat Thompson

Sadly the photos doesn't do this piece of work justice. I was captivated by the painting above..the colours and detail pulled me into this place and I could feel the atmosphere and the beginnings of warmth from the light. 

Purple Allium Head ~ Debbie March (Framed fused glass)

This piece glowed under the lights of the gallery. ML was really taken with it and I could see why. Every piece of light brought each strand of glass to vibrant life. It was almost hypnotic...
We reluctantly left the gallery and spent some time looking around the shop which again was something truly special. It was like a tardis and filled with strange and unusual things. You could almost get lost in there...and not mind at all. Wolds Village is most definitely a place I would recommend to anyone..

Next on the trip was a visit to the city and to our much loved health food store Grain. I picked up the bits and pieces I needed and also found some new GF lasagna sheets...and they were individual portion sized sheets! After a catch up with the lovely manager Scott we then decided it was time for another refreshment break...hey I am not up to full speed yet...not even close...breaks are necessary..

I decided to live dangerously this time...and as we queued up I decided to forego my usual green tea and opted for the hard stuff...I ordered a medium soya milk decaf cappuccino!! Woo! I holding me And I didn't even get offended when the Barbie pink haired barrista had to check my order two and three times to make sure she'd read it correctly. lol. The last time I ordered this was a solid lump of soya milk froth and a cold sip of coffee at the bottom of the cup but the drink today...was sublime! I enjoyed every single creamy and tasty mouthful. We sat and talked and I just revelled in the day...I had had a great day..some would say it wasn't special but I would argue that it was extremely special...zen time out of the house...meeting new people...pootling around shops until my batteries ran out...time spent with ML...and to end the day a great cappuccino. To me...priceless.

Sadly that was the end of my adventures because I had an appointment at the we reluctantly made our way back to Helltown but first we stopped off at our library and picked up a reserved book...I love the library in fact it's one of the very few places I actually like here. Then it was the doctors time...

I sat in the waiting room plugged into my iPod and tried to go to my happy place...and almost made it before I was called in. And sat through the undressing and assessment of my leg and then the treatment and redressing and fixing Mondays appointment. So much expletive therapy was going on in my head it was a miracle the nurse didn't hear it. lol. She was a sweetie...honest. Ah well..such is my life. But I had had the best day before that point...

So thank you for ML for the escape and the time...although I am wiped out was worth every single second and wouldn't have missed it for the world. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Saturday is filled with love and happiness. Mine will be spent with ML, my sister and her little ones. It's getting close to my sisters wedding now and today is hairdresser practice Auntie Red will be very busy. lol