Saturday, 12 October 2013

Art: Hesther Van Doornum

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Have you ever looked at a piece of art...someone's creation...and been so drawn in by it that when you do pull yourself away from feel a physical and emotional snap? Like a stagger? And you know that if you look back at it, you will be pulled back in and not be able to fight it? You do? Phew..that's good because I thought it was just me. Oh..but you don't? Well then all I can say my friend is that you haven't experienced true art love. Keep trying...because when it happens you will never be the same. 

I found my love for art at a very young age as my mother is a very talented artist and back in the day it was mainly drawing but since her retirement she has found new talents in painting and pen & ink sketching. The woman is ridiculously But through her I found my art love and will forever be thankful for our completely covered in drawings shared bedroom/art room bedroom walls. lol. It became a passion for me and when I was a young teen I would escape across to the city and roam around the art galleries and find peace there. When my friends were looking forward to the new movie coming out..I was eagerly awaiting the new exhibitions. It was my secret happy place...and I protected it. It's just ironic that I can't even draw a stick Ah well, I have other talents...

Right...recently I've had two new P&E moments as I call them and the first being a very charming artist Loui Jover who I am writing a future post about...and the second moment was a painting by Hesther Van Doornum. She is a Dutch artist who has an amazing body of work and has a unique style. I have been aware of her for a while and enjoyed the pieces I have been fortunate to view so far but yesterday I found a piece that just grabbed my mind and soul and held me captive...

Daring Spirit ~ Hesther Van Doornum

...yes...this is the piece. And every time I look into her face I am drawn into her gaze and feel completely helpless but to try and understand what she is trying to wordlessly say to me. The connection is made and I am lost in her...until I feel reality pulling at me and the connection is lost and I feel a deep sense of loss. An epic P&E moment...felt on every level possible. 

I enjoy many of Van Doornum's pieces and shall include two more for this posting but none have the same effect as the one above. The second one reminded me of a snapshot of a memory from long ago and it feels like Van Doornum has been inside my mind and pulled a thread and created this piece from there...

I remember you! lol

...when I look at this piece I can feel the back of the chair I was leaning against as this moment played out in front of me. It's quite But another great piece in my opinion..

And lastly a piece I found just this evening and although it didn't have the impact the first piece did..I enjoyed it greatly...

You can see Van Doornum's unique style...

...maybe its the way she paints her characters and the use of her muted colours...and the emotion she manages to layer in..or maybe its the grey eyes in this I can't put my finger on it, I just know that I enjoy and like her work very much and shall seek out past creations and wait with anticipation for future ones. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Saturday is a splendid one...