Thursday, 24 October 2013

Garlic Boats with Spelt Toasts and Parsley

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One of my favourite restaurant memories is from nearly 12 years ago. I have always been a garlic fan but at that time often found garlic bread to be too stodgy...too buttery (I was vegetarian back then but had always hated butter) or too...drippy. lol I have never enjoyed the Ooze factor from buttery or cheesy foods but at that point it never really occurred to me to make my own. It was quite by chance I ended up in a restaurant in Helltown celebrating someones birthday. I had hardly eaten all day and was so hungry that my stomach actually groaned when we were shown into the restaurant and to our table. So many people..which meant it would ages before we ate a thing...or so I thought. Almost immediately after taking our orders the waitress brought to our table freshly baked bread rolls and a little white pot each. We all looked at each other and shrugged and so I lifted the lid...and the smell of baked garlic hit my senses and started my stomach aching. One of our party..(a cautious told us not to touch anything as we hadn't ordered this and when the waitress came back to our table and informed him that this was gratis...he was the first to rip off the lid and tear open a bread roll. The idea being you pushed the cloves of garlic out and onto your warm bread and smooth it over and...well...devour. I was sat there getting covered in caramelised garlic juice and loving every second of it. Great memories...

I couldn't believe that such a simple idea had never occurred to me. But then all the truly great ideas are simple ones and often elude many of us. But since then when that garlic/comfort craving kicks in, I am cutting the lid off of a bulb of garlic, drizzling it with olive oil (or both ways) and wrapping the bulb in tinfoil and throwing it in a hot oven. I do own a garlic roasting pot for these purposes but its packed away ready for the move right now. So I do confess that I used tinfoil today and on a purely shallow levels they make terrific little boats..*eye rolls*

During a recent visit to a farm shop I found massive cloves of Elephant garlic and I picked out two for this very purpose. It's not really a recipe as such...but this is how I put it together today.

Garlic Boats with Spelt Toasts and Parsley

Garlic Boats with Spelt Toasts and Parsley   Serves 1-2

2 large elephant garlic cloves
smallest drizzle of olive oil
2 slices of freshly baked and toasted Spelt bread/regular or Gluten Free bread
leaves of fresh flat leaf parsley (approx 2 stalks)

Heat your oven to 200'C/400'F/GM 6. Cut off the stalk end of the cloves and place them in the centre of two pieces of tin foil. Drizzle with the olive oil and then fold the cloves into the foil. Place into the hot oven. Bake for 20 minutes and check the cloves by piercing the centre of the clove..if the knife goes through easily it is done. If not, return it to the oven for a further 10 mins.

Near the end of the baking time...toast the pieces of bread and scatter the parsley on your plate. When the garlic is done..tear open the centre of the tinfoil and gently edging the skin away and then push in the corners of the tinfoil, much like a baked potato, to push the garlic through the tear.

Schmear the soft caramelised garlic over the toasts and then scatter the parsley on top...and then eat.


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