Friday, 18 October 2013

Food Product Review: Rude Health MultiGrain Crackers (Vegan & GF)

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I sometimes despair at the gluten free offerings although I do admit it is better than was when I first tried to give up gluten. I shudder with nausea at the memory of the sponge bread and how awful every mouthful was. It was seriously that bad...cutting up a shower sponge and spreading jam on it would've been preferable. Yuck! OK so it's come a long way since 

Although I am by no means fully GF I do make a conscious choice to have a gluten free option where possible. We recently invested in a bread machine and we have been experimenting with a few different vegan/GF bread mixes and recipes. Throughout all this I have discovered that I can eat, enjoy and digest Spelt. So last night the bread machine was fired up and a vegan Spelt loaf was made. I will report back on that on Saturday. Today is about GF crackers...

In my archive I have a smashing GF cracker recipe which comes from the Oh She Glows kitchen. I really enjoy them but I have to be well enough to make those. So I have been picking up the offerings from our health food shop and maybe that is what made me despair because the only ones I could get were Buckwheat or Amaranth 'air' shards. The Buckwheat variety are so crunchy that I often end up fearing for my gums...then I tried the Amaranth version and they were slightly softer but still...not enjoyable. Recently during one of our stop offs at the health food shop we found a new cracker sat next to the others.

Crikey indeed! lol

Rude Health's Multigrain Crackers at first look are reminiscent of the old style rice cakes. Well they are But they are thinner which I prefer and the taste is a good rounded flavour instead of the blandness of rice cakes. They aren't salty and they hold their shape when topped. All plus points for me...they are also slightly more filling than a rice cake which is also a good thing as with rice cakes it is sometimes like eating air. (Unless they have peanut butter and chocolate spread schmeared on them. Thanks go out to Trustworthy for introducing that concoction to me! Grrr. lol) Ahem...anyway...when I tried these I felt like pitching the boxes of the alternative crackers straight into my kitchen bin..or at least break them up and leave them out for the birds. I didn't but that is how much nicer and more satisfying these crackers are. 

Two of the many toppings I've tried so far...

My favourite toppings to date are Smooth Cashew Nut Butter with Sliced Banana and my recent find Edamame Avocado Spread with Sprouted Lentils & Beans. Delicious. lol. 

There are three other varieties in this range and they also sell a number of gluten free and vegan cereals although not all of their products are vegan! But they don't claim to be a vegan specific company. Check out Rude Healths website. Even when I am up and about full time I know I will still be buying these crackers and trying to find new and inventive ways to top them...Oh! And they are also great dipped into homemade 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Friday is a great one...I am escaping R & R HQ for a few hours and visiting historic York whilst ML is at a meeting. Cannot wait.