Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Savoury Crepes with Broccoli/Garlic filling...(vegan & GF)

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I have very little appetite at the moment so ML has been trying to get me to eat enough to get by. It has to be fresh and as light as possible. So this morning I was woken by the smell of our broccoli garlic filling being cooked. I wasn't sure I'd be able to eat what was being lovingly cooked for me but I knew I had to try if only for ML's sake. When the meal finally arrived it wasn't the tofu omelette I was expecting but a very thin chickpea flour crepe. The crepe was feather light (sorry not the best description for a vegan recipe eh?) and the filling was 'never lets you down' tasty.

Savoury Crepes with Broccoli Garlic filling

Savoury Crepes with Broccoli Garlic filling Serves 1

Quantity of filling is decided upon your own personal requirements:

Broccoli, chopped down into small florets and chunks of stalk
1 garlic clove, thinly sliced
Drizzle of oil of choice

2 tbsp chickpea flour
2 tbsp. water
(or double the amount as the first crepe always goes screwy lol)

In a small skillet heat the oil and then gently sauté the garlic until it has gone a golden brown colour. Do not let it burn..stay with it. Then add the broccoli and stir to combine and coat the broccoli in the garlic and oil. Cover and leave to cook for a few minutes whilst you heat the crepe pan or something similar. With a small whisk mix the chickpea flour and water together until its a smooth batter. Wipe the pan over with a little oil and then pour on the batter and spread out as soon as possible. (This does take practice..it just seems to be one of ML's superpowers lol) Give the broccoli a quick stir and make sure nothing is getting burnt and replace the lid. Once the crepe edges as starting to lift...slide a large spatula underneath and carefully but quickly flip the crepe and cook for a couple minutes longer. At this point the broccoli should be tender crisp so turn off the heat.

Slide the crepe onto the plate and place filling on one half and then fold the remaining crepe over the filling and eat...


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