Saturday, 4 May 2013

May the Fourth be with you...*eye rolls* lol

Rocket & Roses HQ Play List:

Feist ~ My Moon, My Man
The Black Keys ~ Stop Stop
Charlotte Martin ~ Bring On The Day
Madeleine Peyroux ~ Weary Blues
Rod Stewart ~ My Funny Valentine
Newton Faulkner ~ Ageing Superhero
The Pretenders ~ Breakfast In Bed
The Union ~ Siren's Song
Thunder ~ She's So Fine
The Union ~ Tonight I'm Alive
Airbourne ~ Come On Down
The Eagles ~ Long Road Out Of Eden
Airbourne ~ Chewin' The Fat (ewww)
Bonnie Raitt ~ Love Me Like A Man

I am not even close to being a geek but my life is cram packed filled with them. ML...major geek...and this geekness has even been passed down to the next generation..nephew M is coming along nicely in his geekdom. lol. Honestly its almost like a geek convention my life! And thankfully the geeks that I love are a good bunch and don't hold my non-geekness against me as I couldn't even pretend to be in touch with my geekside. I may come out with the odd comment or quote that gets me geek points...but that is about it.

uh huh..sure do!

It's my love and respect for these folks that has me joining in on the geek holiday of May the Fourth Be With You day...*eye rolls* lol. And I have chosen to share something that fits both of the worlds...the cello for me...and the Star Wars theme for those lovely geeks. So watch and enjoy and know that I wish you geeks and non geeks a very happy Fourth. lol

Cello Wars....very excellent.

We are even having a Star Wars themed visit with nephew M and niece N today. ML has plans to make Princess Leila and Storm Troopers Cupcakes with them. lol. And no doubt there maybe a movie watched at some point.

So I give myself over to this geek holiday and I will roll my eyes on many occasions lol but I will be right here in the middle of it watching those I love celebrate.

Wish someone had told me that back in the
Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Fourth celebrations are going well..and if you are trying to hide from them...I'll be back tomorrow with a Brunch posting.

You can also find me on Tumblr now...yep..I joined finally...RocketandRosesVeganKitchen